Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Run Break

It’s been a really long time since I’ve gone for a run during work. Back when I worked with Grace we started a small but mighty running group with our colleagues and would head to Central Park just about ever Wednesday evening. It was fantastic. Not only was it great to get out of the office and enjoy a beautiful evening in a world-class park, our little sanctuary in the middle of chaos, but I found that I was able to bond with my colleagues/friends in a different way. I can’t remember the last time I took a break from my desk to enjoy a run. It just wasn’t an option at my last job.

Boulder Creek Run

After 7.5 months of working in Boulder (wow, I can’t believe we’ve been here that long already!), I finally got out on the Boulder Creek trail and enjoyed a nice run! While I work for a small firm, several of my colleagues are runners and one in particular will often make the quick change late in the afternoon and head out for a run, then finish up work before heading home for the night. I’m not sure why it took me so long to do this, maybe I’m just finally feeling comfortable enough to leave my desk and break out for a run.

Boulder Creek Run 1

The run was only 30 minutes and I was racing the rain the whole time, but to say it felt great would be an understatement. Running along the Boulder Creek provided a new perspective of the city. My office is just across the street from the trail, providing easy access further into downtown or out into the mountains. I’m looking forward to exploring the mountain side of the trail soon!

Boulder Creek Run 2

After I got back to the office and was chatting with my running colleague, he mentioned that there used to be a group that would go out together for a run every once in a while, but many have moved on from our firm. We decided to restart the group this spring/summer – I just hope I don’t slow them down too much! But even if I do, we’re still getting out for a run and that’s what really matters!

Do you ever have the luxury of taking a break from your desk for a run? * What are your thoughts on running with colleagues, or working out with colleagues? * Random Q: What sport has been your favorite to watch during the Sochi Olympics?

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Lisa said...

I haven't run with colleagues since our running group, but in the past few years have left Tuesday nights to run with my church's running group. It's been a great experience, running with people of all levels. And like our running group, i love the camaraderie and support.

Favorite sport during the Winter Olympics (now that it's over) - the ice skating, always. So graceful. So bummed Yuna Kim didn't win gold, but they were all great! What a competition this year.