Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Challenge Staring Me Down

I’m heading out of town for the weekend. Leaving my husband at home to go play in the North with my family. My nephew is turning 5 so it’s time to celebrate! As excited as I am to see my family – and I have to say, seeing my nephew and niece will be the biggest treat about it – I am also a bit nervous.

The last month or so I’ve been really focused on my goal to shed a few pounds and while they’re coming off slowly it is working and I’m afraid that stepping far outside the comfort zone and routine I’ve created is going to set me back. Thankfully the hotel my parents and I are staying at has a small gym, so I will run both Sunday and Monday (traveling early Saturday morning – maybe a few laps of the terminal?), probably chase the little munchkins around a bit and do my very best to indulge only a little.

My mantra for the weekend:


This Sunday is the NYC Half Marathon. It’s a great race that starts in Central Park and finishes here in my neighborhood downtown. I’ve only run it once, a few years ago when it was still in August; it was fun to run and a great one to cheer for. I’m definitely disappointed I won’t be here to support all the runners and for what is bound to be an awesome Oiselle Team meet-up. Good luck to all the Oiselle birds who’ll be out there running: Allison, Jocelyn, Katie, Meggie and Stephanie!

My exciting news? I’ve registered for two more races this Spring so I now have three on the calendar!

  • Sunday, May 12: Japan Run in Central Park (4M)
  • Thursday, May 30: AHA Wall Street Run (3)
  • Saturday, June 8: Oakley Mini 10K

What are your plans for the weekend? * How do you like to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day – corned beef, green beer or a shamrock shuffle? * How do you stay on track with your health & fitness goals while you travel?

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