Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Sunday Before Christmas

While many people are on the road or in the air on their way to visit family, Woody and I have been hanging out here in the city. Yesterday was actually pretty much like every other Saturday – a lot of chores, including a trip to Target, which was not the best place to be on the Saturday before Christmas.

Today we got up and headed to the gym. It was about 26’ and windy. Probably one of the coldest mornings so far this year. I love weekend workouts because they are often about twice as long as my weekday workouts. Spent 75 minutes on the elliptical – yes, I know that’s kind of a long time but when you’re watching episodes of Friends it goes by quickly. Plus, I’m trying to sweat out the cold that I caught the other day. The place is usually pretty quiet on Sunday but it was very quiet today! I didn’t mind much only sharing the gym with a few others. I rounded out my workout with some weight lifting (which I’ve been trying to do more of lately – my upper body strength is nil) and stretching. It was a good workout – glad I got another one in. We’ve definitely been enjoying some holiday treats.

On my way home from the gym I saw this guy playing Christmas music – with a jazz influence – on Wall Street. A long time ago I played saxophone too (not tenor though) and I just love the sound. He was so amazing when I got back to our apartment I grabbed a few bucks and went back out to thank him for adding some joy to our neighborhood. Who knew the acoustics there were just perfect? I wonder if he was a professional jazz musician at one time? Or maybe he still is!

Saxophonist on Wall St

After breakfast we headed to the New Amsterdam Market because, well, it’s Sunday and that’s what we do. Plus, it was the last market of the season – it won’t be open again till sometime in the Spring.

We picked up a few things – including some ice cream from The Bent Spoon. I so want to tell you about the flavor of ice cream we got because it’s amazing and so unique, but Woody wants my parents (who are coming to visit on the 26th) to try it before we tell them what it is. Just trust me when I say that I have never tried a flavor of theirs that I wasn’t absolutely blown away by.


As much as Woody and I L.O.V.E. ice cream, it is an indulgence for us and we try only to have quality ice cream – made in small batches by local makers mostly.

Even as cold as it was today a good number of vendors, and shoppers, made it to the market today. We also picked up some hand pies from Pie Corps for dinner and one gingerbread chocolate swirl cookie from Casue to split for dessert (I told you we’ve been indulging – this way we don’t indulge too much).



We also finally decorated our Christmas tree – which we got last Sunday. Yes, we’ve been a bit busy and lazy. So glad to have the lights on tonight though. Woody decided to put lights on the floor lamp as well.


Okay, my dinner is ready. Have a great evening and Happy Holidays!

  • When you’re doing cardio at the gym, do you watch TV or listen to music?
    • As much as I love music I usually watch TV – the morning is when I catch up on the news. I’ve also been reading articles on the NY Times app recently trying to learn about current events I don’t know much about
  • What’s your favorite holiday treat?
    • I love holiday cookies
  • Are you planning to workout on Christmas or New Years day?
    • Truthfully, likely not on Christmas day, although we may go for a walk. I probably will workout on New Years Day though.


Today’s workout -

  • 75 min elliptical
  • 3x18 lat pulldown
  • 3x12 weighted side bends
  • 3x10 hammer curls
  • 3x10 squats
  • 3x10 leg press
  • ab exercises
  • 1x50 sec plank
  • stretching


CarliAlice said...

I went to Walmart yesterday...horrible! Luckily I'm not doing Christmas dinner until next weekend so I didn't have to worry about food being sold out.

Love your tree! And a wonderful workout!

gracekelle said...

I really enjoyed your story about the musician. So hard living in NYC and not tuning everything out. I was really touched that you went back out and gave the guy a few dollars. Not just because I think you're generous, but because when someone does something nice for us we should return the favor right? So glad that something so simple brought so much joy to you that day. It warmed my heart :) (insert cheese)

1. I watch TV. Sadly, that's when I watch E! and keep up with the Kardashians.
2. I love Christmas cookies. And wine :)
3. I didn't work out on Christmas. I will on NYE and New Year's. Doing the midnight run!