Monday, October 29, 2012

Just a Quick Update

As you know, Woody and I live in NYC – one of the areas in the path of Hurricane Sandy. We’re fine now but bracing for power outage (which won’t be fun on the 24th floor) and leaky ceilings. Hoping for the best right now. Just wish that this would come in the day rather than at night again. It’s impossible to get any sleep and I’m just a big ball of nerves. I’m so thankful we don’t have children because I don’t think I’d be able to hide my worry. We have done as much as we can to prepare but I don’t think you can ever fully prepare when Mother Nature gets mad. You just never know what can happen.

Late last night we got an email from our building management saying ConEd may preemptively shut down power in all of Lower Manhattan in order to save equipment. I’ve heard power is out already in some parts of the area – I hope that ConEd will spare us, at least for a while still. I have work to get done today! I’m issuing a press release for a client this morning! This is one Monday morning that I’d really rather be at work than at home.

Woody and I got up at 6am and called downstairs to find out the gym in our building was open. So thinking that it might be days before we can get to the gym again, we headed down for a really brief workout. Thankfully we weren’t the only crazy ones, but at least we didn’t leave the building!

As many of you know, yesterday was the Marine Corps Marathon in D.C. I feel so bad for those who are stuck in D.C. without a way to get home and even for those who had to scramble to get a train. Not the way you want to celebrate such an awesome accomplishment. Hopefully this storm will get through so NYRR can get everything ready for the Marathon on Sunday! This is also not how we should be spending Marathon Week!

Okay – I have to get some work done. Just wanted to give you an update on what’s going on out here. Take care everyone and be safe! Hope to talk with you again soon!


RunTraveler said...

Good luck and stay safe!!!

Lisa_earlymorningrun said...

Thanks! Really windy but doing okay so far!

Molly said...

I hope you're doing okay after the storm, I can't get over some of the images and stories my friend and family are telling me!

Terie Cornelio said...

Hoping you and Woody are doing well in the aftermath of the storm. I know NYC was hit hard, I have family in the area still trying to dig their way out of the rubbles, trees, and water in the's a stressful time for all. Take Good Care! Looking forward to an update soon!