Sunday, July 15, 2012

Up Next

A week from now we’ll be in Michigan on vacation!! I cannot express how excited I am. Okay, I know what some of you are thinking. “Michigan? Really?” Yes. Really.

We’re heading to my family’s cottage for the week. This is a place where I grew up. A place where I explored, played games, swam, was grossed out by the muck on the bottom of the lake, made s’mores and stayed up till way too late. This is our lake…


Aside from sleeping in, grilling, hanging out by the lake, kayaking, reading, being lazy and getting ice cream from Moomers, I’m extremely excited about our plans for the Tuesday that we’re there. You see, we’re heading to Glen Arbor for a 5K race and then to climb this awesome dune.


The race is The Running Bear 5K. I found it through a search for races in the Traverse City area. This rare Tuesday morning race was just what we I was looking for. I called the number on the website the other day just to make sure they had received our registration and what I got was a fun conversation with Carol, one of the race organizers. She explained the route – absolutely flat, starts at Cherry Republic goes out to the lake, turns left then makes its way back downtown – that there’s great music, fun atmosphere, the whole town comes out, breakfast afterwards and tons of great raffle prizes! By the time I was off the phone I was even more excited about this race.

As much as I said I’m looking forward to vacation to relax, the whole week won’t be spent laying around. On most of our vacations, Woody and I do our best to stay active when we’re away from home. In Montreal a few years ago we hooked up with Running Tourists and got a personal running tour of the city, in Seattle last year, I ran the See Jane Run 5K race and met up with the Green Lake Running group early one morning for a run, while I wasn’t running when we went to Charleston this winter, we worked out each morning in the hotel gym. Aside from the race and hike we have planned for our Michigan vacation, we’re also planning to kayak every day, Woody will hit up a golf course or two, and I’m hoping to take a yoga class. Vacation is always a great chance to break out of all routines and try something new.

  • Do you stay active on vacation?
  • What’s your favorite vacation activity?
  • Did you enter the giveaway yet?


Today’s workout -

  • 60min elliptical
  • 3x10 lat pulldown
  • 3x10 upright row
  • 3x10 hammer curls
  • ab exercises
  • 15 push-ups
  • 2x15 back extensions


BackatSquare0 said...

How fun. Haven't been to Michigan since I was a kid and my family used to vacation in Sagatuck (sp?).

Kallah said...

that is so cool! Wait - do you follow Megan's blog? "the fresh exchange"? she is always posting the coolest pics and stories about her life in Traverse City...