Monday, May 14, 2012

Taking Time

Life lately has mostly consisted of the gym, my bed, and my desk at work. Since the start of April, everything has kind of been a blur. I’ve been trying hard to keep my weekend my own, but it’s hasn’t been all that easy. Thankfully, my workouts haven’t suffered (much) – this is when I really get to focus on myself and my health.

Two of the things that I took time to enjoy this weekend…


An afternoon parfait – apple, banana, blackberries, strawberries, plain Greek yogurt, homemade granola, cinnamon and a little honey. Delicious.


Taking time to write notes to friends and family (by hand) while sitting on a pier on the East River. (I’m still using the address spreadsheet I created when Woody and I were engaged 5 years ago! I can be really lazy sometimes!)

Okay, I could really use your help. Since I’ve been spending a lot of late nights at the office I’ve been really slacking on my kitchen duties lately and by the time the weekend comes around, I just turn to my old standbys when it comes to dinner. The other day while working at a conference, the lunch featured an amazing risotto and it inspired me to try it for myself. The problem is, I have no idea how to do it. If you have an easy recipe for risotto, that doesn’t require mushrooms (one thing I will not eat), will you send me the recipe? Either leave a link in the comments, tag me in a pin on Pinterest or send me an email at lmhansen (at) Thanks in advance!

  • What were the highlights of your weekend?
  • Do you ever send handwritten notes anymore?


Today’s workout -

  • 40min elliptical
  • 3x10 lat pull downs
  • 2x15 lateral arm raise
  • 3x10 overhead tricep extension
  • 100 ab exercises
  • stretching


Misszippy1 said...

Sitting out by the river writing notes sounds blissful! I think hand written notes are the best and we all should still keep them in our lives.

My weekend highlight was a great Mother's Day!

NY Wolve said...

With a 4 year old running around, the exerciser of wiring notes, quickly devolves into something else. Watching her write notes, coloring, chasing said 4 year old down the boardwalk, something else.

But what a great weekend it was!

Lrios428 said...

Your parfait looks awesome! I have greek yogurt and berries everyday, but it that'd be a special treat!

I just started reading your blog. I'm going to add it to my reader! I created one as well. Feel free to check it out:

Cassidy said...

I make risotto all the time! It's a little labor intensive- lots of stirring, but once you get the basic steps down it's really easy, and it's a great base for veggies. I make it with asparagus, cauliflower, spinach, peas, even fresh lima beans that I found at the farmers market (but never mushrooms- I hate them too!). I generally follow Jamie Oliver's basic risotto recipe, and then dress it up with whatever I have around.
He can be a little pretentious with his ingredients, and directions, but it's a good base recipe, and the one key step he includes that a lot of recipes don't is to heat your stock, and keep it simmering as you gradually add it. That seems to make a huge difference in how the rice absorbs the liquid.

Lisa_earlymorningrun said...

This is great! Thanks for all the advice! I've heard it's labor intensive, but I'd like to give it a try. Sometimes the hard work makes it taste even better, right?

Lisa_earlymorningrun said...

I hope you had a great mother's day!

Lisa_earlymorningrun said...

Thanks for stopping by! I'll definitely check out your blog!

Lisa_earlymorningrun said...

That sounds like a lot of fun!