Monday, December 19, 2011

Shopping, Friends, Oysters, and Christmas Trees

A few highlights from an exhausting 3 day weekend getting ready for the holidays…

Lord & Taylor’s holiday windows


Christmas trees made for NYC apartments












Getting out of Macy’s alive (still not sure how I let Woody convince me to go there) and enjoying the light show at the Time Warner Center


I made a big pot of chili after traipsing around the city all day.


Sunday morning we met up with my friend J, from home, her husband and their son. Not so long ago they celebrated their son’s 1st birthday and this was the first time we’ve met him! I definitely don’t get to see my friends often enough and it was great that they were able to come to the city while they were in New Jersey visiting family. We met for brunch and then Woody and I introduced them to the New Amsterdam Market!

The market was celebrating its 50th market by showcasing local fisheries. The market’s location is where the Fulton Fish Market was for decades, so it only makes sense! While I will enjoy my life just perfectly without ever trying an Oyster, Woody decided to have a few.



It was the last market of the season, so we hit up our favorite vendors. So sad to say goodbye, but we’re glad they don’t have to stand out in the cold anymore!

We had a great time visiting with J and her family, just wish it had lasted a little longer. After we parted ways, Woody and I headed over to Battery Park City to get our Christmas tree!












It was a good weekend, we got a lot done (including three good workouts over 3 days) and I’m feeling a bit more prepared for Christmas!

  • How did you spend your weekend?
  • Will you be traveling for the holidays?
  • What’s your favorite gift to give?


Today’s workout -

  • 100 ab exercises
  • 1x35sec plank
  • 35min stationary bike
  • 2x15 weighted side bends
  • 2x16 lateral arm raise
  • stretching
  • PT exercises


Misszippy said...

Love those NYC trees! How nice that you got to spend time with your friend like that. It's crazy how long time can go between visits.

I had a great weekend, got back into the racing scene (sort of) and spent lots of quality time with friends.

Feener44 said...

we hosted a swedish smorgasbord this sunday ....such fine with friends...

B.o.B. said...

awesome weekend! and i love oysters. mainly because they are just a way to eat a lot of crackers. lol

MelissaDishes said...

love the apt trees, never heard or seen such a thing!

We had dinner with friends on Friday night (i'd been out of town for work all week). Then Saturday I went out with my sister and best friend for our Christmas date, and Dan left for Alabama for 11 days. Yesterday I was a HUGE bum, but I got a great deal done around the house :-)

J (morning runner) said...

Busy busy weekend! I so want to take Brian to NYC because has never been there and I want him to see it at Christmas!

Lisa_earlymorningrun said...

As long as we don't get a blizzard, it's a beautiful time to come!

Lisa_earlymorningrun said...

So glad to hear you had a great run on Saturday!

Suz and Allan said...

Your tree looks great! Love all of your pictures from the weekend. We had chili over the weekend too!

JC said...

I wish it had lasted longer, too! Next time. Merry Christmas!