Monday, December 12, 2011

Getting Back on Track

My second week of PT is starting and while I took one more rest day last week than I had planned on (long, stressful hours at work required an extra morning of sleeping in) I’m feeling really good and optimistic about my recovery!

On Thursday my PT had me start with 10 minutes on the elliptical. I was definitely nervous about using the elliptical since I haven’t done more than the stationary bike since October 17th. That’s a really long time by my calendar! I kept the resistance very low and it was definitely the slowest pace I’ve ever done on the machine, but I finished the 10 minutes and felt okay. I followed it up with some balance work on a square wobble board and a four different exercises on the hip flexor machine. There were other exercises and then she worked out the spot on my ITB and hip that are really tight. I also learned that Woody can help by pushing down on my tailbone while I’m sitting in Child’s Pose to help loosen the muscles too! The session finished with 10 minutes on ice and then I was off to meet Woody for drinks.

Oh, did I mention our new date night? We decided we don’t take advantage of our city enough and one night each week we’re going to meet after work and get a drink at a different restaurant or bar before heading home. Mix things up a bit! The first week we went to the bar at the Andaz Hotel which is near our apartment, last week we went to a New Zealand restaurant/bar on Front Street near South Street Seaport, called Nelson Blu. We had planned to go to the Oyster Bar in Grand Central, but tis the season for holiday parties and the restaurant was closed for a private function. We’ll get there sometime though!

Anyway, I had two long workouts this weekend, spending 45 minutes on the bike and working on my upper body strength and also the exercises I did at PT, and I started the week today with another good workout. Truthfully, I really wanted to sleep in but I knew it would be best to start the week with a workout and not a lazy morning. My leg muscles are still extremely tight but I think they’ll loosen up as they get used to moving again!

My goal this week is to get to the gym 5 days (plus PT) with two, maybe three, 10 minute sessions on the elliptical. While I’m feeling good, even after walking around the city a lot this weekend, I am still going to be cautious and I will not push myself at the gym too much. Enough to break a sweat and get a good workout, but I don’t intend to start running anytime soon. Or even spend too much time on the elliptical. I’ll get there one day and by then my legs and core will be strong enough to support it!

I’ve finally started listening to Christmas music and I’m getting in the holiday mood! I think we’re going to get our tree this weekend. Nothing like buying your Christmas tree on the sidewalk like we do here in the city. It’s definitely an odd way to do things, but it works. Can’t wait for the smell of pine to fill our apartment!

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  • What did you do this weekend?
  • Do you have travel plans for the holidays?
  • How do you start your weekend on the right foot?


Today’s workout -

  • 35min elliptical
  • 200 ab exercises
  • 1x40sec plank
  • 2x18 seated row
  • PT exercises
  • stretching


Misszippy said...

You are well on your way to recovery! Doesn't it feel great? Really happy for you. And I know I've said it 1,000x before, but I am so jealous that you have the city right out your front door. So many great places to try on your date night!

Susan Ward said...

Oh, date night sounds like so much fun! What a great idea!!! And the thought of just buying the tree off the street sounds fun to me (remembering Meg Ryan in "When Harry Met Sally" dragging her tree through the streets of the city)..... we have to drive to the boyscout lot and then drive it home!

Feener44 said...

i am doing pt for my foot, hairline fracture in the cuboid. went on stationary bike for 5 minutes and was so darn happy to be doing somehting....

Elle said...

I think your date night sounds like a fun idea. Neat to try out a different spot each week.

Good luck with progress in your recovery.

Katie Schmidt said...

I love the date night idea! If we lived in NY I'd be all over it. Love that you get to take advantage of all those great restaurants. Congrats on the elliptical! I think you are being really smart about taking it slow.

Suzanne Westenhofer said...

Date night sounds like it was amazing! It was a pretty relaxing weekend for us until Sunday. I started tackling my to do list for the week since we have family and friends arriving starting Friday at lunch.

RunToTheFinish said...

David and I always mention that we haven't tried 90% of the restaurants around us because we don't eat we want to do a date night and I know it would be a lot of just haven't done it! good for you sticking to it!

Laura said...

Hope your recovery continues to go well! We need to take advantage of the restaurants out our door too... thanks for the inspiration. :)