Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Love Your Running Group? Read This Now!

I’ve never been part of a local running team or club, but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t interested me. I’ve always thought it would be cool to train with other runners, put on a team singlet, cheer on my teammates through the tough miles of a race and celebrate together after crossing the finish line. For one reason or another, I’ve never joined a team or club. Now, though, I’m on Team Oiselle, which is a little different, but I’m still looking forward to putting on the Oiselle singlet on Sunday and wishing my teammate Deloris before the race!

Sarah, from Oiselle, gave me the heads up about a cool contest they’re running today through Monday. The women of Oiselle are all about supporting runners and spreading their love of running. They want to honor the awesome (am I the only person who still says this?) running groups that keep us going. If you love your running group (a formal group or not) and you love cool running stuff, then you want to enter this contest.

It’s pretty simple. All you have to do is send an email to info (at) or post on their Facebook page HERE (this is the more fun way to go) and tell them:

  1. The name of your running group (or a description of the group)
  2. Where you are.
  3. What your workouts are like and if you’re working towards a specific goal
  4. Favorite post-run activity
  5. Anything else that makes your group the most awesome (again with that word!) running group

The winning entry will be chosen at random, and the team that’s selected will win these cool Oiselle Start Line Tees for the whole group! [tip: since the winner is chosen at random, the more entries from your group, the more likely you’ll win!!]

start line tee

The contest starts at 10am PST today and runs through next Monday. Go to Oiselle’s blog HERE for more info. Leave a comment here if you enter so we can all read about your running group!


Today’s workout -

  • 45min bike
  • 2x20 seated row
  • 2x20 lat pull down
  • stretching
  • ab exercises


Karen said...

oh nice! yes, I say the word awesome a little too much. I know this because I have friends who mock me for saying it. Time to find a new word I suppose... :)

J said...

Wow sounds cool! I just entered my running group in it!

Gina; The Candid RD said...

Pretty neat! Now all I need is a running group :) Actually I've been thinking of starting one with my work. There are a lot of employees who need to start working out and I think a running group (or jogging group!) would be great motivation.

running diva mom said...

great blog -- just found you!