Monday, September 19, 2011

Detroit Half-Marathon Training Recap: Week 6

One more week down, 4 more to go! Good thing I have my passport ready to go!

detroit half wk 6

Monday -

Definitely took a rest day on Monday. Woody got up way too early to fly to Minneapolis for a business trip and I went back to sleep. The 8 miles of Central Park hills (which I am no longer used to) convinced me that a rest day was necessary.

Tuesday -

Tried a new 3 mile route that’s better for really dark mornings, as they all are now that it’s Fall. HERE’S my post about the new route and staying safe when running early in the morning. Just in case you missed it!

Wednesday -

Hit the gym for a date with the stationary bike. I did about 12 miles in 40 minutes. I was definitely lacking in enthusiasm for this workout and didn’t put all in. Perhaps it had something to do with the fact that Woody was still gone and I had to get myself up at 5:00am.

Thursday -

I was exhausted after hardly any sleep. Do you ever wake up multiple times throughout the night for absolutely no reason at all? That was how my night was and it was not cool. Still, got up for a 4 mile run. It was okay, but not the best.

Friday -

Another rest day.

Saturday -

3 miles on the plan but I did 4 instead. It was a beautiful morning and I wanted to take advantage of it. While my legs were feeling good, this run was really annoying. I’ve mentioned a few times that ever since my surgery in 2009, my sinuses sometimes go a little crazy on runs no matter what the temperature, but especially when there’s a drastic change in temps, like yesterday when it was only 52’ when I started out. It was not fun at all. But the weather was great!

Sunday -

On the plan was 6 but I wanted to do 7. I had hoped to do the miles in the park to get the hills again, but then found out the Susan G Komen race was going to be Sunday and changed my mind. I’ll let the amazing 20,000 runners and walkers enjoy the park for the day! I came up with a 7 mile route along the water but staying downtown. The weather could not have been any better. Perfect as far as I was concerned. When I got to my turnaround point I was feeling a lot better than I had at that same point on my first 7 mile run two weeks ago. I even had a little kick left in my legs at the end, which was awesome. I really could not be more happy with this run. It definitely gave me the confidence boost I need going into the 10miler I have ahead of me this coming Sunday.

I got myself a little delicious treat at the New Amsterdam Market for the great run – a donut peach and ginger popsicle from People’s Pops! Yum! Ginger is an anti-inflammatory, so it’s good for me!


I’m ready for week 7.

Oh, watch out cause I have a really cool announcement to make later this week!

  • What was the highlight of your weekend?

For me it was enjoying the great weather.

  • What song gives you energy the moment you hear it?

If I only have to choose one, it’s “Party Rock Anthem” by LMFAO

  • Are you totally excited that Fall TV shows are starting this week? Like “How I Met Your Mother”?!?!

Please, please, please tell me I’m not alone here!


Sunday’s workout -

  • 7mile run
  • stretching

Today’s workout -

  • 40min stationary bike
  • ab exercises
  • stretching
  • 2x18 overhead tricep extension
  • 2x20 weighted side bends
  • 2x20 resistance band woodchop
  • 2x16 lateral arm raise


Teamarcia said...

Nice training week!
That pop looks yummy. Party Rock for sure--my kids are sick of it but not I!

Barbara said...

High Light was the Leland Michigan Heritage Festival. The classic wooden boats and cars were great as was the weather. No Batali in sight. Must have left for the Fall already. Did meet Chris Smith , the grandson of the founder of Chris Craft boats. What a real thrill. The History this man has seen is incredible.

Barbara said...

How did you coax Woody into a pix? very collegiate... Looked better then our team.

Stephanie said...

Sounds like you ended the week well. I listen to anything by eminem to get pumped (and a little bit angry!)

Lisa said...

@Barbara - He was pumped for the game and actually wanted me to take the picture!

@Stephanie - Eminem definitely knows how to stir up a little anger!