Monday, September 12, 2011

Detroit Half-Marathon Training Recap: Week 5

Week five done. Half way through this 10 week plan. When looking at my schedule over the next five weeks, I gotta say, I’m a little nervous. Next week is the step back week so my long run will only be 6 miles, but the week after is another story; 10miles. Quite a big leap. When I decided to use this plan, I thought it would be just fine, but now that I’m actually doing it I’m not sure. We’ll see though. I’m not giving up!

detroit half wk 5

Monday -

Woody and I decided to actually sleep in on Labor Day and didn’t get up till about 8am! It was fantastic! We used the gym in our building so I spent 35min on the stationary bike and did some strength training.

Tuesday -

It was pouring outside and still dark, so I opted for the dreaded treadmill. Of course, some ab work, stretching and strength training went along with it.

Wednesday -

Another morning of x-training at the gym. I opted for the bike again to put a little less stress on my legs but did 45minutes this morning. Strength training, ab work and stretching, too.

Thursday -

While the day ended up beautiful, it was raining still when I got up to workout so I hit the treadmill. Again. I was definitely sick of it. Four miles on Thursday.

Friday -

Ahhhh. Rest day! I did spend about 15minutes stretching on my yoga mat to wake up. I’ve gotten in the habit of stretching morning and night. Makes it so much easier to have the yoga mat at the ready by our couch!

Saturday -

4mile run, my usual route. Unfortunately I had not been paying attention and didn’t realize there was a big 9/11 anniversary event happening along the waterfront in Battery Park City at the same time I was out for my run. There were quite a few people and it was moving to see them observe moments of silence at 8:45am. Of course, I had to stop as well. I then had to dodge thousands of people along the path, so that was interesting. Did a quick strength session back in our gym when I got home.

Sunday -

8mile long run. I knew it wasn’t ideal to run downtown yesterday morning so I opted to go uptown to Central Park. When my train hit 34th St, no less than 20 FDNY Firemen got in the same car I was in. They seemed in good spirits and were apparently on their way to a service uptown. My run was really slow and my quads are not used to the hills of Central Park. I really need to spend more time up there. The 8 miles were hard. Harder than I remember them from before. It’s really frustrating, but I finished. This half marathon will not be a fast one, but after the run of injuries I’ve had over the past year plus, I have no crazy ambitions to set a PR. I think I may head back up there for my 6miler next weekend.

  • What was the best part of your weekend?
  • Did you have a long run or race? How did it go?


Today’s workout -

  • Rest day with stretching.



Barbara said...

Sounds like a lot last week. Congrats on the 8 miler.

Penny said...

Way to go on your training. Congrats on your long run.

Callie said...

Looks like a great week! If you could run 8 this week, you'll definitely be ready for that 10 mile run in a couple weeks! I just remind myself that I can go as slow as I want as long as I just finish the miles.

The best part about my weekend was running 4 miles on Sunday. It was my first run since the half marathon the other week and my legs felt so rejuvenated.

Good luck with week 6!

B.o.B. said...

looking good Lisa! make sure you come see me at the Women's Running Magazine booth!

Lisa said...

Thanks for the support ladies! I'll just take it one mile at a time!

@Callie glad you're feeling good after your half!

@BoB I'll definitely look for you!