Friday, August 5, 2011

Five for Friday

Happy Friday!! This is going to be a quick one because as I sit here, my parents are sitting on our couch watching TV! They're in town for the weekend. Last time they were here we had a blizzard, so the weather is a bit better this time around.

1. We have a busy weekend ahead. My Dad is renting a bike and biking up the West Side Highway tomorrow, exploring Riverside Park and Central Park. He's been wanting to do this for years, so I'm glad the weather will be nice enough for him to do so. We have three bike rental shops on our list, hopefully one will work out since none of them take reservations. I'll post a link to the one that does in  case you're interested in renting a bike. Sad fact: I haven't ridden a bike since middle school.

2. If you didn't see my post last week and are wondering what to do on Saturday, click HERE for info on Yoga Island and Summer Streets. 

3. Then, if you want to wake up really early Sunday morning to cheer for thousands of amazing athletes, head to the Upper West Side and Central Park for the Nautica New York City Triathlon

4. Here's an interesting article from The New York Times last week about the marketing of minimalist shoes. It talks about the fact that while the economy is tanking and people are saving more and spending less, running shoe sales are doing well (there are many possible reasons for that, but that's a whole other post) but the sales of minimalist shoes is doing even better.

5. And here's another interesting find. This running graphic designer from Spain is running the alphabet. He's mapping out routes in the shape of each letter then tracking with RunKeeper. He started a website tracking his progress and so far he's up to G (with the help of 'guest runners' covering both 'C' and 'G'). If you want to help him out, you can sign up for a letter!
  • What's on tap for your weekend?
  • Do you, or have you, run in minimalist shoes? What's your take?
  • If you could run any letter, which one would your run?
Yesterday's workout -
36min elliptical
2x20 bicep curl
2x18 hammer curl
2x18 lateral arm raise
125 ab exercises
foam roller

Today's workout -
None. Rest Day!


Tricia said...

enjoy your visit

erinandelliotdoasia said...

Looking to rent a bike?

There's a ton of locations all over the city, you can pick up at one and return to any other. My husband and I used them a few weeks ago, great stuff!

Green Mountain Realty said...

Just found your blog and love it.