Monday, August 15, 2011

Detroit Half-Marathon Training Recap: Week 1

Last week was the official first week of my half-marathon training. In an earlier post I wrote about the pretty conservative training plan I’m following this round, hoping it will help me stave off injury and get to the start (and finish) line on October 16.

This week was a little unconventional for me because my parents had been visiting over the weekend and I had a higher than usual (albiet interesting) workload. Thankfully the first few weeks are pretty low on running mileage, so I had no trouble getting it done.

detroit half wk 1


40 minutes on the elliptical plus strength training.


Unplanned, but much needed rest day. Sometimes sleeping an extra hour is more important than following a plan to the T.


3 mile run plus a long stretching session and ab work


3 mile run plus a long stretching session and ab work, and an abbreviated strength training session


Scheduled rest day.


Switched the long run due to Summer Streets. Ran to 25th St and back which turned out to be about 5.75 miles. Lots of stretching throughout the day.


3.25 mile run plus strength and stretching

Random non-training related note – yesterday turned out to be a perfect day for a movie, so I decided last minute to go see The Help. You might remember I reviewed the book a while back (which I absolutely loved). While I had high expectations for the movie and I often compared the film to the book, it was a great movie and I highly recommend it. Even if you haven’t read the book yet. What an outstanding story and cast.

  • What was the highlight of your weekend?
  • What are you training for? How is it going?


Today’s workout -

  • 40min stationary bike
  • 2x20 seated row
  • 2x20 lat pull down
  • 4x10 monster walk
  • 2x15 squats
  • 100 ab exercises
  • stretching


Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

I did a 10k saturday, and then a long run and ate fair food yesterday.

Penny said...

I training for a half in Oct. This weekend I got to run with my running partner for a 10 miles. I love running with someone. Made my weekend

Anonymous said...

I never see movies that are made after books because they're never as good! The Help is definitely on my reading list. Yesterday was a great day for a movie or doing stuff around the house. I did some much needed cleaning and baking!

Christine said...

Training for the Disneyland Half in three weeks. And I use the word "training" very liberally- this will be interesting.

Lisa said...

@mealsformiles I also needed to do some organizing in my closet, but I opted for the movie instead. Guess the closet will have to wait for the next rainy day!

@Chrstine good luck with you half! Maybe all the disney characters will keep you entertained and the race will be over before you know it!

Jenn said...

Looks like a great approach with this plan! I need to check out this movie! A lot of people talking about it!! Training for the Twin Cities Marathon. Had a great week mileage wise but my body is telling me to slow down...Have a great week Lisa!!