Sunday, August 28, 2011

Bye-Bye Irene!

So, we ended up staying in the city to ride out the storm. We realized Friday night that it was very possible that it could be nearly impossible for us to get back into the city for days after the storm if the worst came true. So, Friday night we picked up a few last things and stopped by Red Mango, of course!


After a trip to the gym Saturday we spent the day preparing our apartment by packing things up and covering almost everything with plastic sheets my parents had sent us. We live on the 24th floor and all the experts were saying the winds would be much worse up here.

It's a good thing we did stay. While we got some sleep, we were awoken twice by dripping water. Our ceilings in the living room and bedroom are leaking pretty badly as there’s a balcony straight above us. Hopefully the sunny days ahead will allow it all to be fixed quickly.

Two things I’m annoyed with: 1) the stupid idiots who got in boats yesterday and last night and went out into the storm requiring first responders to risk their lives to save them. Just about the most selfish and thoughtless things I have ever heard of. I know they all received summons but I hope they end up in jail and have to spend a lot of time doing community service 2) People who are complaining that there was a lot of hype for nothing. All signs pointed to this being a huge storm with lots of damage and even though it turned out better than expected in NYC and other areas, there are a lot of places that have a lot of damage and flooding. People also died in this storm. Mother Nature and hurricanes are nothing to take lightly. Isn’t it better to be over prepared than to end up not prepared enough and experience major damage? People need to learn from Katrina and other natural disasters.

Two things I’m really thankful for: 1) All of the first responders, red cross volunteers, utility personnel who have come in from out of state, city employees on call and building employees who worked through the storm and are still working to keep us safe and the city and other areas going, 2) the fact that by the grace of God we still have power (knock on wood).

Well, once the rain stops we’re going to take a little walk and see what the neighborhood looks like. I know Battery Park is flooded from the New York Harbor so I’m not sure when I’ll be running my regular route again.

Take care everyone! Let me know how you’re doing if you’ve been riding this out too!


Christy said...

The only thing I'm annoyed about is that the gym in my basement is closed! Glad everyone is ok! Hope you enjoyed being cooped up for the weekend =)

Elle said...

Glad you are safe.

Maria said...

I am so glad it was not that bad in NYC. I am in NC and my town was right on the outter left edge of the hurricane. We got some rain but it was mostly winds. Thankfully they were not too bad. I know, I was annoyed at those complaining. They should be thankful they are coming back to a fairly intact city.

Maria @ Asphalt Tales

Molly said...

So glad you guys made it through okay. I agree, the people who do things like going surfing (?!) in a hurricane, is just not fair to those first responders. Good luck this week!

Megan (The Runner's Kitchen) said...

ugh, leaks are the worst! in my first NYC apartment, i got such bad leaks that it looked like it was raining inside my bedroom :/

i love Red Mango! i also recently tried the new pb flavor at PinkBerry and was blown away. definitely recommend it!

Val said...

'Glad you're safe. The ceiling-leaking-from-balcony-above happened to us here in Pittsburgh the weekend of February 2010's blizzard. Annoying and stressful, but nowhere near as bad as it could have been--and I agree about people having to do community service for putting the responders' lives at risk. So selfish. Anyway, 'glad you're safe. :)