Thursday, June 2, 2011

Morning Run in the Sun

Even with high heat and humidity, a threat of a tornado, and many, many other National Running Day events in the city, we had a great turnout last night for the NYRR Young Professionals Committee Fun Run & Happy Hour! 

I volunteered for check-in at the happy hour and I was actually pretty amazed, and thankful, for all the people who actually braved the harsh weather to run and then join us at the bar. Let's just say it was a really good thing that we had our own private room because I'm not sure the other patrons at the bar would have been so excited to be hanging out with 90 sweaty runners! We had great raffle prizes including gift cards to Nike, Urban Athletics, Shake Shack and Mile Stones (for a set of bib coasters), a year subscription to Whole Living Magazine, copies of Clean Plates and more! I was definitely hoping to be one of the winners, but I guess it wasn't meant to be.

This morning is absolutely beautiful. I got up and went for a run. Just an out and back route along the water. This happens every year, but I'm still amazed by how light out it was at 5:30am! After so many months of being dark in the morning, it's a very welcome sight. Overall the run was pretty good. I struggled a bit because I feel like my muscles are constantly tight. My hips, glutes, legs... I just can't get loosened up. I'm a little nervous about the 10K next weekend, but it's still the goal. 

  • What's your favorite way to spend a beautiful day?
Today's workout -
4mile run
75 crunches


Molly said...

gorgeous run!!!

AM-GoalsfortheWeek! said...

great to see your run view. and it's actually sunny here at the moment so I am really hoping my sis gets here early to watch my kidz so I can get my run in b4 work!!

Raquelita said...

The fun run sounds like a blast! What a gorgeous route to run! I really need to get back into the early morning running.

Susan said...

Wish I could have made the run/happy hour, but I was out of town! Sounds like it was fabulous. Those pictures are so pretty!

Anonymous said...

Found your site trying to get the inspiration (and motivation) to run early in the morning before work. Sounds great!