Tuesday, April 26, 2011

NYC Running Show Pt 2

So, I know, more from the running show? Yep.
Yesterday I left off with the Preventing Common Running Injuries talk.

After the talk, Grace decided she wanted to get her running form analyzed at the New Balance booth. Grant Robison (who talked about running form) is working with New Balance to teach good form and they set up a cool system that analyzes runners form as they run on a treadmill and are filmed. It goes beyond the normal gait analysis that some stores provide.

Grace, who came ready to run, jumped on the treadmill and got going.

The camera filmed her running and the New Balance guy played it back on the computer.

After taking a look, he brought out his iPad and showed us the playback pointing out different aspects of her form. She had really good posture (!) but she tends to strike with her heel and lands too far out in front of her body. So, he suggested that she increase her cadence to shorten her stride and that should help with both points. He then printed off a copy of her analysis for her to take home and emailed the link to her, with the video! How great is that!? I love it. Unfortunately they're only doing this at expos and it's not available at any stores. Such a great idea and use of technology! We were both blown away. I really wish I had been able to try it out myself.

Next we went back to the Zensah booth because we wanted to try on their sports bra and tank. We both tried them on and I fell in love with the tank immediately! It seemed to be exactly what I've been looking for! Stay tuned for a real review soon!

Then it was soon time to grab seats for the next speaker. Matt Long, author of The Long Run.

If you haven't read my review of the book, you can read it HERE. If you've read it already, then you know I loved the book. Long is incredibly inspirational and as soon as I saw he was speaking at the show, I knew I had to see him.

He started with an incredibly emotional video that told his story for anyone who didn't already know. This isn't the actual video he showed, but since I can't find that one, this will have to do:


He talked about his experience, where he had been before the accident, what his life was like in the hospital, how his mom 'smacked' him (he made sure people knew it was a verbal slap) and woke him up, and how he stopped saying "I want" and focusing on what he had before, and started saying "I will" and focusing on the future. He had stopped moving forward in life and had to change that. He stressed how important it is for us to set goals, push ourselves, and achieve those goals. This really hit home as I've been facing this latest injury and how I've gotten caught up in the feeling of hopelessness a few times. I have to take his advice and look to the future and find ways to accomplish my goals.

Matt Long is such an incredibly strong soul, it's impossible not to be moved by his story, confidence and perseverance. 

After the speech he had prepared, he took questions from the standing room only audience. Of course, the first question was from a woman asking if he is single! (he's not). Apparently his nephew, Matthew, thought he needed to put a shirt on for the cover art. Two kids in the audience had recently written book reports on his book. (the first he had heard of) He's currently on leave from the FDNY to travel for book tours and speaking engagements as well as spend time on the I Will Foundation, which he started to help people overcome adversity caused by life altering illness or traumatic injuries. When he's hurting during a run, his mantra is "I Will."

It was a great way to finish the day and I'm so thankful we were able to hear him speak!

I had hoped to go back the next day for the Women's Running Health panel, but it was raining pretty hard then and the crutches and rain are not a good pair! If you went to that panel, I'd love to hear about it!

If you came here today hoping to see who won the PopChips giveaway, I decided to extend it one more day, so there are a few more hours to enter! I'll post the winner tomorrow.
  • Do you have a running mantra?
  • Have you had your form analyzed?
Today's workout -
10 min arm bike
2x20 lat pull down
3x20 overhead tricep extension
200 crunches
3x10 reverse crunches
3x10 leg extension
3x10 back extension
2x30 sec lying leg lifts
foam roller


Barbara said...

I think your struggles to overcome Cushings , major brain surgery and many injuries are inspirational , too.
I am still amazed you could run The NY Marathon so soon after your surgery and finish it with 2 stress fractures. That is truly a wonder to me. You are so determined and strong.

H Love said...

very cool and inspiring! I want to get that book.

trifitmom said...

lot of mantra posts out there...i like to say i can, i will, i am OR run strong

yes had my gait analyzed...love that shit.

Karen said...

Loved following your whole experience! The New Balance analysis booth sounds really cool!