Wednesday, April 13, 2011

7 Things

The lovely Jess, at Run with Jess, passed the Stylish Blogger Award on to me the other day. While I'm truly honored, I'm also a little hesitant because it means I now have to come up with seven random facts about myself! And the pressure is on because apparently, the more entertaining, the better. Well, let's see how I do.

1. As I mentioned a couple weeks ago, I have a dinosaur bone.

2. Two of my favorite sandwiches are two things Woody can hardly stand to hear described. I only wish I had pictures of them!
  • A  PBBLT - bacon, lettuce, peanut butter and tomato. My love for this sandwich was legitimized when I found it's on the everyday menu at the Peanut Butter & Co restaurant!
  • Grilled Cheese with Jam - just what it sounds like. A regular grilled cheese with a layer of jam (or jelly, when I was little) on top. Delicious!
3. Speaking of sandwiches.... I don't think I ever asked my mom or dad to cut the crust of a sandwich when I was growing up. I actually like it so much, I am known to eat all the crust and then eat my sandwiches around the edge moving towards the center. Woody finds this quite amusing and will stare at me once he notices that I'm doing it. Nice, right?

4. I may, or may not have, fallen asleep while in the MRI machine. More than once.

5. Woody and I had our wedding reception in Spartan Stadium.

6. I have no idea what "three balls and two strikes" means. (Woody helped me with this one)

7. We live in a building that was built in 1930 to be a bank and the movie "Inside Man" was filmed in one of the original bank lobbies. I think the building might be haunted when the elevators stop on random floors or just don't move. Even though we don't have laundry in our apartment, the doormen and maintenance guys are awesome and we love this building!

Now it's my turn to pass this honor on to some great bloggers... keep it going!

Today's workout -
45min elliptical
3x12 cable push-down
3x10 versa-loop front, side, and back kicks
3x12 upright row
1x40sec plank
foam roller


Jenn said...

I love these posts!! OK-I'm gonna pass on the PBBLT but I'm all about the wedding ice cream sundae bar! How could you fall asleep in an MRI machine! I got in it and all of a sudden EVERY part of my body was itching and I was going CRAZY laying there!!

Katie @ Health for the Whole Self said...

Loved reading these tidbits! Your wedding reception must have been so much fun1 :)

Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner said...

What a fun list of things! Your wedding looks like it was so much fun! Ice cream sundae bar is AMAZING!!!!

Morgan said...

Spike's cousin is getting married at the same place in July!!! Beautiful dress and hair did!!! :)

Penny said...

I love learning so many things about my fellow bloggers. I like my PB to. I think it is so cool living in a bldg like that,except the haunted elevator.

Rach @ Girl on the Run said...

Aww thanks so much for thinking of me - now I have to come up with 7 good random facts about myself. Ahh! :)

PS - that's amazing you had your wedding reception at your college stadium!

Run with Jess said...

Wedding + Football = Super Cool!
Thanks for sharing! :)

Victoria Elizabeth said...

I love the sundae bar! That is so cool!

Rose @ Eat, Drink, and Be Meiri said...

Crust is my favorite part of bread!

Barbara said...

You should have added you were in the Spartan Marching Band for 4 years !
We enjoy your adventures . :)

Molly said...

Love your BLT with peanut butter, love where you got married (esp the sundae bar) and I cracked up about the "3 balls 2 strikes" : )

b & b hotels india said...

i Loved reading these tidbits!and Your wedding reception must have been so much funny .......

Amanda - RunToTheFinish said...

ok you managed to come up with some of the most interesting facts I've seen!