Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My Race Card is Filling Up!

Aside from the baggage fees and dealing with the New York City airports, we love to travel. It's so fun to explore new cities. And getting to go running while there makes the trip even better!

We decided a while ago that we were going to go on two trips this summer - one to North Carolina (the Raleigh/Durham area) and another to Seattle, but we didn't set dates. I've been filling up my race calendar and other things have been popping in too, so we're finally making plans!

We still don't have exact dates for the NC date, but we're going in June. Not the weekend of June 11th, since I'm running the NYC Mini 10k that day. In July we're heading to Seattle, getting there before the 17th, because I just signed up for the See Jane Run Half Marathon!! I'm really excited for this because not only do I have three half marathons on my calendar, but I get to run in another State and I'm going to meet Mel! She even tipped me off to a great discount for my race entry (through a Groupon-like site) and it sounds like I'll get to meet other great bloggers and runners at the race! Not a bad way to start a vacation, right?

Woody is a bit worried that I'm going to over train and end up in the dreaded boot again (it's sitting in the corner of our bedroom) so while my goal is to run four half marathons this year, I'm holding at three for now. I have one in May, July, and October. I think these are nicely spread out and if all is going well after the July race, I'll probably sign up for Grete's Great Gallop in October, a couple weeks before I run the Detroit Half Marathon (which reminds me, I have to renew my passport!). So, other than a few short races I'll sign up for here and there, I think I'm all set for now!

This is totally random, but Woody got me some flowers from a bodega the other day. Last night, while eating dinner, we noticed they looked like this

They had drunk all the water in the vase and looked so sad! He re-filled the vase and this morning they're back to life!

I guess this proves how important staying hydrated is! In honor of this lesson I'm going to make sure to drink enough water today, I've been slacking on that lately.

  • If you live near Raleigh/Durham, I'd love suggestions on where to run!
  • Do you travel for races or stay close to home?
  • How do you combine travel with fitness?
Today's Workout -
6mile run


Barbara said...

So nice to get unexpected flowers from Woody ! Such a good husband ! I join in the worry. Alot of stress to pout your body through in light of previous injuries. Be sure to take enough time off to recover , please. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey, I know someone who lives in Raleigh! :) Let me know when you're gonna be in town and I'd be happy to show you around the local running trails!

Rose said...

I'm trying to pick up races when I travel. My honeymoon put me in Italy at the same time as a marathon, but I decided I didn't want to have to gimp around the city for days afterward. I did add a mud run into my upcoming trip to Texas, though.

Krystal said...

Random Fact about Tulips: If you put a penny in the vase they will stand up straight instead of falling all over the place.

Lisa said...

eatdrinkrun - I'll definitely be in touch! Would be great to run with you!

Rose, a mud run sounds like fun! I hope there's BBQ afterwards! ;)

Krystal, I thought about the penny thing, and usually do put one in, but didn't for some reason. Isn't that a strange thing? I need to find out why it works like that.

Lauren said...

All your races sound so fun! What a great idea to run in a new city, it is a great way to explore!

gracekelle said...

I'm so excited for you and your half marathons! It definitely is a great way to see the country...unlike others to eat their ways through vacations :)

Joshua said...

@Rose I ran in the mud run here in Fort Worth, Texas last year and it was a blast! Have you ever done (or heard of) the Warrior Dash? It's shorter but with different types of obstacles. I like adventure races, too. They're a nice change of pace from regular races.