Friday, February 18, 2011

5 For Friday

1. I am not prepared for this week's 5 for Friday post, so I apologize in advance! I was caught up with work and preparations for the fundraiser last night and have hardly surfed the web or thought outside my own bubble this week.

2. Monday is President's Day and I am really looking forward to a day off! I plan on sleeping in, working out, reading, drinking coffee, and lazying around! I love 3 day weekends, when we don't travel, because I can spread out any chores or errands over three days instead of packing them into two. Or, I can just relax on the third and just do whatever I feel like. It's a great thing.

3. I slept horribly last night and now feel very sluggish right now. My head is all fuzzy and I just want to go back to bed. I woke up a little before 1:45am and tried to fall back to sleep for over an hour, finally got up, went into the other room and read a magazine for a little bit. My upper back was aching a bit so I used my trigger wheel to work out a few kinks. I think that helped me get back to sleep. I did finally get to sleep around 3:30am and I did not go to the gym this morning. I hope the uneasiness in my stomach and this fuzzy headache goes away soon! I now have an iced coffee to help out.

4. The event last night, to raise money for the New York Road Runners Youth Programs was a big success. We only had a few who didn't make it and those who did, seemed to have a great time! There were a lot of sweaty people coming out of the spin room, but with big smiles on their faces!
great gift bags!

healthy snacks

lots of mingling (there were some guys there!)
5. Yesterday and today we're having incredible spring weather in NYC. It's supposed to reach 64' again today and I had trouble deciding what to wear this morning! I definitely wore the wrong coat! It's too bad this isn't lasting through the holiday weekend, but it is nice while we have it! Definitely looking forward to Spring and great running weather!

  • Do you have Monday off? How are you going to spend it?
  • What's your remedy for overcoming a bad night of sleep?
  • What do you have planned for the weekend? Any races or training runs?
Today's workout -
none. Rest day!!


Rose said...

We don't have Monday off. Boo.

I have nothing planned for this weekend but rest. I'm home sick today, so I'm just taking care of myself until I feel 100%.

trifitmom said...

hubby has monday off but the kids don't - wahoo..some time for us !!! nice

gracekelle said...

I'm so glad the YPC event went so well!!!

gracekelle said...

except I meant NYRRYP!!!

mealsformiles said...

Hi Lisa - love your blog! Hope you've managed to get some rest in this glorious long weekend :) I usually just trick myself into feeling ok when I get a crappy night's sleep, and then make up for it the following night. It's weird, but sometimes I feel like it's all mental.