Monday, January 24, 2011

A Scramble Good Enough for Dinner

It's the coldest morning in NYC since 2005! Brrrr. Yesterday morning I met up with Grace and Kether for yoga and brunch. As always, it was a great time! We got the dish on Kether's recent engagement (yay!!) and Grace told us all about the bootcamp classes she's been taking and how great she's feeling. Kether and I are hoping to drop in on the class next weekend, so I'll definitely let you know how that goes. It sounds super intense. I absolutely love meeting up with these two; before we know it, we've been chatting for two hours! I have to say though, my hamstrings are a bit tight this morning but I still had a good run on the Woodway (have I told you before how much I love this treadmill?).
not a new picture, but one that I love!
It's been a while since I posted a new recipe, I hope you like this one cause Woody and I did! I've talked about the sun dried tomato chicken sausages from Trader Joe's that we like so much. They're really easy to prepare and can be used in a lot of ways, so when we got back Wednesday night from our trip and I stopped at TJ's Thursday on my way to work, I knew this would be something good to grab and use for a couple easy dinners.

Thursday night I made simple salads topped with the sausages. Friday night I tried something new.

Egg & Sausage Scramble (for 2)
2 chicken sausages
3 egg whites and 1 full egg
2 small red potatoes
3tbs onion, chopped small
1/2c broccoli (cooked in the microwave if frozen, or fresh)
2tbs water
ground black pepper and dried basil to taste
1 pinch chipotle
2 whole wheat tortillas

1. Chop the potatoes into small pieces and add to a skillet sprayed with cooking spray, add pepper, basil and chipotle. Cover and cook till soft, stirring often to keep potatoes from sticking to the skillet.
2. Heat oven to 325', place sausages on a baking sheet and heat.
3. Add chopped onion to potatoes, cover and soften.
4. In a bowl, mix egg whites and egg with 2tbs water and black pepper, then scramble lightly.
5. Once potato and onion mixture is soft, add eggs and broccoli.
6. While eggs start to cook, remove sausages from oven and then cut into small pieces. Add to egg/potato mixture.
7. Stir mixture with a spatula often enough to keep it from sticking to the skillet while letting the egg set and cook.
8. Turn oven off and put tortillas on the baking sheet and place in oven to heat while mixture is cooking.
10. Once eggs are cooked thoroughly, either fill a tortilla with the mixture (Woody's version) or plate with tortilla on the side (my version). Recommended condiments: ketchup and/or hot sauce.

This turned out really well; a generally healthy comfort meal on a cold night! It's also a great option for both breakfast and dinner, if you don't mind spending a little time cooking your breakfast. There are a lot of steps, but it wasn't very taxing and didn't take all that long once the egg was cooking. The potatoes took the longest too soften but because they were chopped small, they also didn't take too long. I added a little bit of fresh grated sharp cheddar not long before it was done, but it didn't add much of anything so I'll leave that out next time. Also, next time I'll add more chipotle.

What are your thoughts on breakfast for dinner? Love it or hate it?
Saturday's Workout -
2mile run
5.5mile elliptical
3x10 hip abductor
3x10 hip adductor
3x10 weighted side bend
3x12 overhead tricep extension
3x10 glute kick-back

Sunday's Workout -
40min elliptical

Today's Workout -
4mile run
3x10 cable pull push down
3x10 cable pull twist
3x12 upright row
3x12 front arm raise


Karen said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend and those eggs sound extra yummy! :0)

Anonymous said...

That looks so good! thanks for sharing.

Rose said...

I love breakfast for dinner. It's so easy, and a great way to get protein without a long cook time.

Teamarcia said...

I totally love breakfast for dinner!

Stacey said...

Breakfast for dinner is a staple in our house!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to try the recipe. It looks delicious!

Great seeing you yesterday. Can't wait for it to be warmer so we can do more activities outdoors and take more pictures.

Lauren said...

Mmm chicken sausages...... Fun date yoga and brunch!

Renee - Bold Mom said...

Hello! What a great blog. I love the ingredients in this recipe so I think I'll try it. Whereabouts in Michigan are you from? I live in Livonia and was in WMU's marching band for 4 years. I've been skinny my whole life but now I've got 15lbs I can't get rid of since having 2 kids. Your blog is quite inspiring! Thanks for the comments on my SITS blog post. Nice to meet you!