Monday, January 3, 2011

2011 Here I Come!

The last few days I've been finalizing my goals for the year. I prefer to call them goals, rather than resolutions, because I like the idea of reaching for something rather than keeping something. I also decided to only set a few this year rather than many like I did last year, but I did set personal and professional goals. Along the way I'll set mini-goals too, I'm sure, but I really want to focus on just a few things.

My Goals for 2011:
  1. Get Fit: loose the weight I gained while injured, increase all over strength
  2. Stay injury free & healthy: this will be easier if I increase my strength and consistently take my vitamins while eating a healthy diet
  3. Run 4 Half Marathons and set PRs for the 4mile and half marathon: I've already registered for one half and know a few others I'd like to do
  4. Get a promotion at work: take more risks and volunteer for new assignments more often
  5. Develop my blog: provide more reviews, tips and features
Woody and I also set a few goals for us as a couple. We've done this in the past, but this time we're writing them down and are getting more serious about these goals. They are both short term (like scheduling and taking vacations) and long term (like setting a specific monetary goal we want to reach in our savings to purchase a house). Setting goals as a couple is really important to the health of our relationship - knowing we're on the same track and still looking for the same things in life. 

What is one of your goals for 2011?
yesterday's workout -
50min elliptical
2mile treadmill run
3x10 weighted side bends
3x10 upright row
3x10 squats
3x10 squat/ball throw

today's workout -
50min/5.5mile elliptical
3x10 cable pull twists
3x10 front arm raise
3x40sec planks


SueMac said...

Cleaning out and organizing our home. By the end of February, every thing would have been touched in the house and attic. And it's going to feel soooo good when it's done!

Michelle said...

Sounds like great goals! A big one for me is to run my first half marathon - just registered for it!!

NY Wolve said...

I must have missed something...that doesn't look like NYC anymore.

Rose said...

One of my goals for 2011 is to get faster. I'm very excited, because I love speed work, and I love how little time it takes.

J said...

Such a good idea for you and Woody to make resolutions together! My parents did that too, but I didn't even think about doing that with Brian! I may have to speak with him!

Julie D. said...

Great goals! have a great 2011.

lindsay said...

Yay goals! Great list with plenty of variety for various aspects of life. I probably should have checked with the hubs first on my monthly-vacation goal... He claims he's up for it :)