Monday, December 27, 2010

Oh, Snow

It began snowing yesterday morning around 10:30am. We had trecked over to try brunch at a little place on Chambers called Kitchenette (we all enjoyed our meals, by the way) and not long after we sat down did the snow start. After we ate, Woody and I attempted to show my parents around Tribecca for a bit, but the snow was just annoying and really made it difficult to look at anything. So we stopped at Whole Foods on our way home for a few food stuffs and then hunkered down for the day.

All of the local airports are closed and my parents, who were supposed to fly out today, are now flying out first thing tomorrow morning. They've gone on an adventure around the city in search of holiday windows while I work from home today. But before I started working this morning, Woody and I made our way to the gym (thankfully it's nearby) and this is what we found....

Hopefully I can get out and take a few more pictures before all of this melts! Apparently it may be in the 40's by the end of the week (perfect running weather!).

Do you love or loath the snow?
today's workout -
50min elliptical
3x10 hammer curl
3x10 bicep curl
3x10 cable pull side twists


Rose said...

I loathe the snow. It's COLD! I really, really hate the cold. I went to college in Ohio, and the snow was just terrible. It didn't help that I didn't have a car, so I had to walk to class. But, man, so cold. Eff that.

Jogging with Fiction said...

They had pictures just like these on the homepage of the NYTimes! Yikes. At least you can walk places, I'm stuck in the house cause I don't want to die on the roads!

Karen said...

Wow how crazy!! I'm not a snow fan but I've only been in a blizzard once. I'm from LA, had never seen "real" snow, then visitied OK in January and it snowed big time (blizzard). I hated it! lol It's pretty in pictures but I'm good with my early morning "frosts"! :0)

Laura said...

I love the snow! Wish we would get some--we had to water our lawn today because it hasn't snowed at all this year. Share the love!

misszippy said...

Wow--you guys got hit! I am a snow hater, so I was really happy this storm bypassed us in Md. We've been dodging bullets so far...hope it keeps up!

Detroit Runner said...

Love the snow when I don't have to run in it. You guys got dumped on!

AM-GoalsfortheWeek said...

hi there,
It's so fun to see your experience and the snow;-) I'm here in Cali complaining about harsh rain. ;-)

For you...hope it doesn't get much more;-)