Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Cold Weather Gear Review

Quite a while ago Adam ran an awesome giveaway on his blog I Am Boring; the prize was a $50 gift card to Road Runner Sports! Two reasons why I should not have entered: they don't have a store nearby (although they do have a pretty good website) and I was injured an not running at the time (although I was looking forward to running again). Fate being as it is, I did win. I'd go to the website and try to figure out what to get, but as the weeks went by and I still couldn't run, I didn't want to get anything not knowing if it would be for the right season.

A few weeks ago I finally made my choice and ordered something - the RRS Pro Velocity Thermo Tight, because I didn't have any good pants to wear while running in cold weather. They arrived the day after Thanksgiving and felt amazing. They seemed warm and soft, but when I tried them on, they were too big. Definitely not compressive like they are supposed to be. When I called about an exchange I was informed that this style was discontinued and they were all out of the size I needed. Needless to say, I was a bit disappointed. The associate I was speaking with helped me pick another pair, although I knew they wouldn't be as good for cold weather, but I'd give them a try.

The other pair, the RSS Velocity Tight, arrived last week and Saturday was my first chance to try it. They definitely fit better, but they were not going to be as warm. The pants are made from a fabric that's good at pulling moisture from the skin, there are a few reflective details, a pocket in the back, and 'flatlock seams.' I bundled up and headed out. It was about 34' during my run and my legs were definitely a bit chilly, but they felt really good. I had no issues with the tights at all and really loved the mesh in the back of the knees, although it probably doesn't help with the warmth issue. Still, overall I really liked the pants but they won't be warm enough when it gets much below 30'.

I do have a new favorite when it comes to cold weather running. The Under Armour Tech Longsleeve T. I have two of them and I love them! They are so comfortable and just the right weight. The tops are perfect for me in anything 40's and below. I sometimes wear a short sleeve top over them and sometimes a jacket when it's really cool, but they lay perfectly, don't ride up and don't bunch up either. Ever. They're really cute too, so it would be easy to wear these out and about. Apparently it comes in 9 colors, so it seems I have quite a few more to get! It's interesting because as I'm reading the description on the website for the first time, it says that the 'heatgear' technology that the top is made with makes it good for extremely warm weather. Odd, since it's long sleeve and I love it for cold weather. I really can't imagine wearing it in hot weather, but hey, maybe someone else could! Under Armour has really expanded their line of sports apparel for women and I definitely plan on adding more to my of it to my running wardrobe!
please excuse the pic, it was post-run

check out the ankle zipper and mesh at the knee

What is your favorite piece of cold weather gear?
today's workout -
None. Early to work today so it's my rest day.


Heather (Where's the Beach) said...

Loving those tights. I have only recently fallen in love with running enough to actually want to brave the cold. So I only have 2 pairs of tights and only a few long-sleeved tops.

3:59:59. Bitches. said...

The UnderArmor Cold Gear tops are great for when it's REALLY cold (like today!). They are made of very snug compression material, so they take a little wrestling to get into, but one they're on, they're warm but still breathable.
Stay warm!

Rose said...

See, this is why I live in Southern California. It never gets cold enough to need fancy cold weather gear. hahaha

Nicky said...

I like the tights--I really need to get some more cold weather running gear. I'll think I'm well dressed, but then the wind here in Provence cuts you to the bone!

Karen said...

Very cool! Looks/sounds like nice warm gear!! :0)

Detroit Runner said...

Love RRS. My favorite cold weather gear is my Manzella running gloves/mittens and my RRS wool socks. They keep my hands and feet nice and toasty.

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