Friday, December 31, 2010

5 For Friday: New Year's Eve Edition

Happy New Year's Eve! I hope this has been a great year for everyone and you're looking forward to an even better 2011! This week I'm going to look back at a few things that made the year.

1. I spent seven months unemployed, not by choice. In January I was laid off from a job I had held for almost six years, that I loved (even though it stressed me out and I did complain about it), and where I had met most of my best NYC friends. It was tough, however I can also count myself as one of the lucky ones as I began my new job in August.

2. I was injured for a good amount of the year as well. This taught me how much I take my feet for granted and how much I do love to run. I was forced to find new ways to exercise but unfortunately I still gained a few pounds and am working to get them off. I'm back to running, Woody joined me for two races this fall (his first ever) and I have big hopes for next year!

3. Even while unemployed, Woody and I made sure we took a vacation in June. Being mindful of our budget, we spent the week at our family cottage. We also took a long weekend trip to Boston with my family to celebrate my Mom's birthday. Taking time to relax and rejuvenate is important, whether you're working  a 9-5 job or working on finding a job.

4. My Grandfather passed away in May. It's weird that he's not around anymore, but he lived a long life, accomplished incredible things and went amazing places that I can only dream of. In happier life moments: a good friend married her soul mate, my sister gave birth to a beautiful and healthy little girl who has a very proud big brother, and another good friend gave birth to her first, a little boy!

5. Woody and I moved to a new apartment after 3.5 years in our last one and absolutely love it. Then we hosted my parents for Christmas; our first time being hosts for a holiday! I think it went well, even considering that they ended up staying three days longer than expected due to the Holiday Blizzard of 2010!

What were some of the highlights in 2010 for you?

today's workout -
5.5-6m run
went for my last run of 2010 this morning! not sure how long it was because of a few detours due to snow and ice, but it was still a great run!
3x10 squat/medicine ball toss
3x10 lateral pull downs
100 crunches


Anonymous said...

Great post, and a great blog altogether! Just posted my own final 2010 run account at

Rose said...

Yay for a great finial run of 2010.

La Historiadora de Moda said...

It sounds like a really eventful year and one that wasn't probably always easy to get through. I wish you a very happy 2011!

Amanda@runninghood said...

Happy New Year! My grandfather passed away in May too. Right before his 92nd b-day. Weird not having him around. ;( Sounds like you've had a pretty eventful year. So glad you got in a final run! Hope to read more of your blog in 2011..I've been bad about keeping up with everyone's blogs!

SSB said...

Happy new year!