Wednesday, October 20, 2010

What's in a Color?

It's why the NFL football players have been wearing pink.
It's why thousands of men and women have taken to the streets walking up to 26.2miles in one weekend.
It's why brands are selling pink specialty items this month.
It can affect anyone.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I don't have statistics to prove this, but I'm guessing it's the most publicized, recognized and supported single issue campaign for a cause. You really can't go a day in October without hearing something about the need for research, diagnosis and prevention.

Early detection is key to saving lives according to Susan G Komen for the Cure

Guys, this isn't just a post for the women who read this. It's just as important for you to be aware of this because I'm guessing you have women in your life who you care for deeply.

As athletes, we have many different reasons for running and being active. Some run for fun. Others run for health. And still others will run to fight illness. We use running as a way to focus on something other than the day to day. Some of the most inspiring running stories are those from women and men who are fighting cancer or who overcame it because they were strong and in shape when they were diagnosed and were able to run through their recovery. Running can't guarantee that we won't find ourselves fighting a battle one day, but it does make us more aware of our bodies, more confident in our will to fight through the tough times and understand that sometimes it the mind can make all the difference.

So, to all the women reading this, take care of yourself and don't think anything is too insignificant to check into. And men, love the women in your life and make sure they take care of themselves!

I postponed my Tuesday run for today since it was cold and raining yesterday when we woke up. I usually don't mind running in the rain, but when it's cold, dark and raining.... I'll wait a day. Today's run was pretty good but my left quad started feeling a bit wonky (yes, very scientific term) about half way through. It's still aching a little and I'm pretty sure it's because I didn't take the time to do all of my usual pre-run dynamic stretches. So, lesson learned. Tomorrow I'll do better!

post run stretch
today's workout -
4mile run
stretching (but not enough)


Silly Girl Running said...

Great post!

lindsay said...

Also important for men because they are not immune, even though they don't have boobs! There are always a few men in gray survivor shirts at my local komen race.