Saturday, October 23, 2010

Off To A Great Start

Like last Saturday I went to Sports Authority in Chelsea for the Asics sponsored group run. It was only 47 degrees when I left the apartment, a nice chilly fall morning! Seems word has started to spread because there were quite a few more people today than last week. My friend April came and brought along her fiance who is in his last two weeks of training for the NYC Marathon. While they went ahead with the fast pace group, I settled in nicely with a group of runners who pushed me to run faster than I would have on my own. I ended up chatting with a girl who works for NYRR who had heard about the run and thought she'd check it out. Turns out we know a few people in common, have run the same races and are both running the Poland Spring 5 mile race next Sunday. She has to work at the marathon but is training for the Knickerbocker 60K in late November, 9 loops around Central Park. I just can not wrap my head around the thought of running 37 miles and running the Harlem Hills 9 times. (for those of you who haven't run in Central Park, it is a great place for challenging hill workouts) Anyway, I had a great time chatting with her and the 5.5 miles flew by. The weather turned out to be perfect. A little cool and crisp but sunny. I love running in the fall!

On the way home I stopped at the farmers market in Union Square, which was absolutely packed, and picked up some apples, an acorn squash (I've never cooked one), a small decorative pumpkin and some apple cider.

Time to clean the apartment while I watch Spartan Football and then off to meet up with my Grandma and her friend. I've been feeling so good after my last few runs and we might have rain this week so I may run tomorrow instead of going to yoga. Decisions, decisions! It is an absolutely beautiful Fall day and I'm so glad the weekend is off to a great start!

How are you spending your weekend?
today's workout -
5.5mile run


Thomas said...

A great start indeed. Hope you have an even greater weekend! Knickerbocker 60K sounds very enticing...what better way spend 9 loops through Central Park before pigging out on Thanksgiving, right?

La Historiadora de Moda said...

I would love to find a group like that in my town! It really does sound like a great way to start your weekend!

Congratulations to your Spartans!

Jenn said...

I am totally with you in LOVING the fall weather. Such crisp air! I went to a farmers market this morning as well. Acorn squash is alright, I prefer the buttercup. Have you ever tried Honeycrisp apples. They were developed in MN and since you were just here maybe you tried them. AWESOME!! Great run. Have a great weekend!

hbobier said...

Run AND Farmers Market? Sounds like you have had a pretty awesome weekend so far. You'll have to keep us posted with what you do with the acorn squash...I'm sure you'll love it!