Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sunday Morning Run

When Woody realized on Thursday that the 10K he signed up to race is on October 3rd (next weekend) he decided he had to run this weekend. Good idea, right?

I mapped out this out & back route Friday night since I'm kind of sick of getting stopped by lights when I run the city streets and much prefer running along the river.

Yesterday though, we found out that the Tunnel To Towers run/walk was going to be this morning, so we were a little nervous that we'd run into all of that, but went out on our way anyway. Thankfully, the race didn't start till after we had been through the area (both times) and weren't slowed down by the marching bands and cheerleader teams at all. We did see quite a few runners in line for the ferry at Pier 11 to take them to the start in Red Hook. It's pretty impressive what many of the fire fighters do - they run the race in full gear.

If you don't know the story about the race, it retraces the steps of Stephen Siller, an off duty fireman who ran to the World Trade Center as it was burning, ran up one of the towers and helped save many people but was unable to get out in time himself. It sounds like an incredibly intense race that raises money for a foundation set up by his friends and family after his death. Maybe I'll do it one year, although I'm sure I'll break down in tears as I exit the tunnel. It's the least any of us could do though, right?

Anyway... the run was really good. I let Woody go ahead towards the end because he's faster than I am. I had a lot of kick left in me at the end and felt like I could have kept going. That's still quite frustrating but yesterday's run wasn't very good at all. It seems like I'm quite an inconsistent runner. (although I think the heat and humidity yesterday - sudden return to summer - wasn't in my favor).

We're off to a few markets and street festivals today. If you have the opportunity to see "Wall Street" go see it. We went last night and thought it was pretty good. Not the best movie ever, but still pretty good. You'll see our neighborhood a few times too!

how is your weekend going?
yesterday's workout -
5 mile run
3x10 bicep curls
3x10 upright row
100 crunches
lots of stretching

today's workout -
6.5 mile run
2x35sec planks
lots of stretching


Running Through Phoenix said...

What a great route --jealous. Nice to be able to live NYC life vicariously.

Forward Foot Strides said...

Thanks for the movie tip!

That run you mentioned sounds really emotional, I bet I'd cry too.

Adam said...

Thanks for the heads up on the movie. My wife and I were back and forth on seeing it.

Lisa said...

While I was in NYC this summer, I actually got to walk on a portion of the route that you ran. I thought it looked like a great route to run on, my knee just wasn't behaving when I was there, so I had to stick to walking.

Lauren said...

Great runs!