Monday, September 6, 2010

Best Yoga Class Yet... Thank You Lululemon!

It's true. Yesterday I took the best yoga class I've taken yet. It was incredible!

You know I've been taking Sunday morning yoga classes at the Lululemon store on the UES for a couple months now. Well, since we've moved downtown it's not very convenient to head up there each week so I decided to try the class at the Soho store yesterday. They don't always do yoga on Sunday, which is kind of a bummer since I've really taken to liking this workout schedule, but I'll make it work.

Anyway, this class yesterday was amazing. The teachers rotate every week and this week we were lucky to have one of the Lululemon Ambassadors from Vancouver (where the company HQ is). I was a bit intimidated when I first saw Will, with his layers of necklaces, bracelets, bandanna, eye makeup... I wasn't sure what I was getting myself into. But, I quickly found out that I was in for a class like none other I've taken.

We started the class by singing the chorus of "Livin' on A Prayer." Never done that before. Will had tons of energy and humor but in an instant he would be completely zen and the music that went along with the class would completely change the mood. He had the 20 or so students "shake our Asanas," accept who we are, and support those around us by being who we want to be. Towards the end of the class he took us through a flow series and then let us go at our own pace through a song. The whole experience was so peaceful and serene, that I was able to complete most of it with my eyes closed. I felt completely in the moment, clear headed and balanced. I've never felt quite like that before, it was a new experience. The class ended with us singing the chorus to "It's My Life" before several minutes of meditation during which Will sang a song he had written for his yoga practice (oh, did I mention he has a record deal?).

It was an incredibly invigorating and peaceful experience. I felt renewed and uplifted as I left the class. It was like nothing else I've experienced and at times I felt like it was the weirdest yoga class I've ever taken, but I also wish I could take a trip to Vancouver to attend more of Will's classes. I can't do the class justice through my explanation of the class, but I can tell you that if you ever have the opportunity to take a class taught by Will Blunderfield you should be the first in line!

Oh, and I have to mention this, too. When I first got to the store, there were only a few other people aside from store employees and Will. One guy who was already there (I'm pretty sure Will's friend) was stretching on a mat. I could not help but stare! I know, horrible! I tried not too, but this guy was so incredibly flexible. He must be a dancer because he was so graceful and moved perfectly in time with the music that was playing. I was in absolute awe.

Obviously, my morning (which also included a 2mile round-trip jog to the class) was uplifting and centering. It was the perfect way to start my day and put me in such a great mood.

Anyone want to go on a trip with me to Vancouver?!

Thank you Lululemon & Will for an amazing experience!

How is your holiday weekend going? Any plans for today?
workout stats -
Sat Sept 4
5mile run

Sun Sept 5
2 mile jog
1hr15min yoga class

Mon Sept 6
5mile run

No-Dairy Day 1
substituted almond milk for skim in my coffee
overnight oats for breakfast


Silly Girl Running said...

That sounds like a great Yoga class! You just inspired me to do some Yoga myself tonight...I'll just join the Wii Fit class. Will probably be not nearly as peaceful as your class was. ;)

lindsay said...

Yoga and singing, you wouldn't want me there! LOL. Does sound like a cool class though, Will seems like a character!

Robyn @ Wannabe Writer Runner said...

Sounds so unique! Love when a class is that powerful.

Anonymous said...

Yes he is pretty amazing, glad you caught his class. He teaches @ the studio right by where I live, so I get a couple of his classes weekly.

Maybe we could work out some sort of Will/ Javamukti exchange program! I had a blast @ that studio in your town.

Elise Lowerison said...

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