Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Before The Sun Rises

Today, for the second day in a row, my internal body clock has decided that 4:20am was a good time to wake up. Neither day was I able to get back to sleep. I thought 5am was early enough. I really hope I can sleep that late tomorrow because this week is a busy one and I know it's going to be a bit exhausting, even if I wasn't waking up that early.

I did get a 4mile run in this morning. A week from this coming Saturday is the 10K on Governor's Island and I've only done one 6 mile run so far, but I'm optimistic. (And I hope that Robyn's knee is treating her well enough to run as well!) My run this morning was okay. I felt good before hand, my legs were feeling loose and my head wasn't too foggy being up since 4:20am, but once I started running it was more of a struggle than I had thought it would be. I ran at a conservative pace to start and once my legs were feeling a bit better I picked up the pace a little. Once I was on the promenade I decided to pick a landmark every so often and really pick up the pace for short distances. I feel the little bursts of speed helped get my legs moving and the last bit of the run was quite a bit faster than the first 3/4ths. I finished feeling strong but really wish I could start feeling strong. Maybe if I wake up at 4:20 again on Thursday before my next run I'll just get up and have a cup of tea instead of trying to get back to sleep since it probably won't happen. I should add another item to my 'healthy to-do list' for this week: get more sleep!

I was quite far through my run today before the sun really started to rise. I can definitely tell that the daylight hours are getting shorter. That's one thing I don't love about fall. It amazes me how many people are up and working when I start my runs down here. There were people awake and moving on the UES, but there weren't Halal carts cooking meat yet! It's a little too early for that, if you ask me!

Okay, it's a busy day for me today. Project deadline looming at work and a mid-day appointment with my endocrinologist (wish me luck!) so I'm off.

What is on your 'healthy to-do' list this week?
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4mile run
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Barbara said...

Good luck today !
Ugh.. I think 6 am is early enough for me.

Nicky said...

Wow! I'm impressed. 4:20am.

Good run though! :) Good luck today!

J said...

For my morning runs, my first mile or so is always slower because my body temperature is still warming up. If you get up and walk around, drink tea and then run it may help!

Robyn @ Wannabe Writer Runner said...

Wow you are such an early riser. Thanks for the shoutout, I hope I can run it too! Good luck with the endocrinologist.

Runners Passion said...

Wow! 4:20 is way early! I tried to become a morning runner but I need my sleep. Have to stick with getting in my miles after work.

Debbie said...

Bravo to you for getting up that early, willing or not you got up and ran, which is awesome! I can't drag myself out of bed before 6:30 for anything, although it would be nice to run before its 100 degrees outside (TX bleh).