Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Big Announcement

If you've been following this blog for a while, you know I've been struggling with a nagging heel injury since March (yes, March!). My foot problems really started last fall while training for the marathon. I don't know what it was, over training possibly, but the top of my arches ached when I ran. During the marathon I managed to fracture my right foot, putting me in a walking boot for a month. During that month, I stressed my left foot due to the extra pressure which meant that when my right foot was better I just switched the boot to the other foot for another month. I was a walking disaster. Spending most of my time on the elliptical and the stationary bike at the gym.

The new year came about and I was feeling much better. As the weather warmed I was able to make a few wonderful and liberating treks around Central Park before I injured my right foot again! This time I inflamed ligaments towards the heel - not quite the same as achilles heel - and went through weeks of podiatrists appointments including ultrasound treatments and two cortisone shots. Not fun. I missed two races, including the MORE/Fitness Half Marathon with two of my friends who flew in for it! Gradually the pain has decreased and I can walk a few miles without pain! A few weeks ago I started walk/jog interval training on a Woodway treadmill at the gym three days a week. Right now I'm up to two very slow miles.

Enough with the background; on to the big news. I decided over the weekend that I will make my come back to racing on September 11th at the Fitness Magazine Mind, Body, and Spirit Games 4 miler!

There is no way I'll set a PR and it will probably be the slowest race of my life, but I am confident that if I train smartly I can complete these four miles with no problem! I have just about a month and a half and I'm excited!

My workout this morning was pretty tough. My legs just had no power, but I still got through two miles on the treadmill and 13 on the stationary bike. Today I will be much more vigilant about stretching throughout the day and using my stick to workout the kinks in my quads. I think it's partly because I've been doing more strength work for my legs.

On a food note, check out what I got at the farmers market today!
From left to right, that's a Thai eggplant, a zephyr squash, and a lemon cucumber. Nevia (of Bodhitree Farm) said it tastes similar to a regular eggplant, but I want to try it myself. She said the Zephyr Squash has a sweet and nutty flavor that can be prepared just like other summer squash. The Lemon Cucumber, from Keith's Farm, apparently has a similar taste to regular cucumber but it is called a lemon because of the color and shape. Can't wait to try it out!

I've changed up the look of my blog, what do you think? There are more changes to come, so stay tuned!
workout stats -
2mile walk/jog intervals
13mile bike
3x10 hamstring deadlift, bicep curl, shoulder press combo
3x10 seated row


baker said...

awesome! congrats and good luck on the return to racing!

Jill said...

Oh man, you don't know how good it was to read this today, I just wrote a blog last night about my heel injury and needing to take some time off and I have worried most about whether I'll be able to train for the marathon again... I am so glad you are feeling better and ready to start training. The speed will come back in time, be smart and gradually increase the mileage and it will all be good :). Good luck with the race this fall - yay!!

abbi said...

Glad to hear you've been able to start running again and that you'll be able to do a race soon! I'm sure you are ready for it after the frustrating injuries!

misszippy said...

Glad you can get back at it! Such a great feeling when an injury is behind you.

Sanura said...

Good Luck and Congratulations!

Maureen said...

Injuries suck! I'm sorry you are going through that!

Robyn @ WannabeWriterRunner said...

You always find the most interesting veggies. Glad to hear you're ready to get back out there, even if it's going to be a slow race. Now you have something to work towards and hopefully you'll come out injury free!

Katie @ Health for the Whole Self said...

WOO HOO!!! Watch out, world...she's BACK! :)

La Historiadora de Moda said...

Congrats on being in a place where you can make your way back into racing! I'll be following your progress for sure.

Those squash look amazing!

J said...

So exciting! Hope your training goes well and you don't have any more foot problems!

Julie said...

YAY!!!! That's very exciting news :) Now if you could send some healing vibes my way..... ;)

Julie @ Pickley Pear said...

Awesome news! That's very exciting. Lemon cucumber?! Never heard of it. But, I do enjoy both lemons and cucumbers so I can only imagine it's great, especially in a salad!

Anonymous said...

you will do great at your running coming out event.....yay for a long recovery being over!

Anonymous said...

Hi! Just new to following your blog. Good luck with your race training. I am there with you as I get back to running after an illness.


hbobier @ Basil Vodka said...

Congrats!! Welcome back to the world of racing--I'm sure you'll do great. :)