Sunday, May 2, 2010


Gracela and I met early this morning at the UES location of Bikram Yoga NYC for a 90 minute class that tested my limits. I took a hot yoga class at a Yoga to the People studio a few months ago, but I knew this one was going to be more intense. I've heard it's a great class, you sweat a lot and feel great afterwards. While I knew it would be hot and difficult (especially since I've never taken a 90 minute yoga class before) I really was not prepared at all. As we stood in the lobby waiting to finish our paperwork and get signed up for the 7-day new student trial package, I noticed sweat dripping off people in the earlier class like a water faucet hadn't been turned off! Another man wrung out his shirt like he had just been swimming! "Oh. My. Lord. What have I gotten myself into?" is what I thought to myself.

We got into the studio, settled into our places and I noticed the two men in the front row were already sweating. Even before class started! Now, I've spent time in traditional Finnish sauna's up in the UP of Michigan, so I know hot, but I've never spent 90 minutes in one! Long story short (since this is Sunday and you have much better things to do than read my blog!), it was hard. Really hard. There were times when I didn't think I'd make it through, times I felt lightheaded, and times I had to take a little break. But, I persevered and made it through to the end. I was delighted by the fact that my heel didn't bother me like I thought it might. I've had some balance issues on my right leg because of the injury but I was okay during this class. Must have been the heat working on the muscle fibers! When we left the room and entered the chilly lobby (which we had thought was warm when we first arrived) my legs were a bit weak and my head a bit fuzzy, but I felt, and feel, good. Hopefully I will sweat out a lot of toxins throughout the week as I use the 7-day pass. I'll continue to report on how it's going!

Here are details on the studio:
Birkam Yoga NYC
173 E 83rd St (at 3rd Ave) 212.288.9642
$23 7-day first time student package
mat included with this package, towels are $1ea (you need towels!)
bottled water and coconut water available for purchase
90 minute classes, reservations suggested but not required
Teacher: Mara

post-yoga smile

post-yoga fuel (plus lots of water)

This was a much needed class after the last two days of birthday celebrations! Woody came home with this Friday night.
Yes, that is the chocolate cake from the Strip House, which was featured on a recent episode of "The Best Thing I Ever Ate - Obsessions" on the Food Network. Woody said my 'eyes lit up' when I saw it on TV! Well, it reminded me of a really good version of the chocolate birthday cakes we'd get a Bill Knapp's when I was growing up. Let me say, this thing was divine! But, the two of us couldn't finish it, and that's saying a lot considering how much I love chocolate!

Then yesterday, after seeing Mario Batali signing books at the Union Square Farmers Market
We went to Stand for burgers and milkshakes! I wanted to go here after the marathon, but I was in too much pain from my foot being fractured and all. While we waited for our food to arrive, Chris Noth (aka Mr. Big) entered the restaurant and sat down at the counter near our table. Not bad celebrity sighting.
No, that's not him! I didn't want to bother him while he was doing his thing, this was taken before he came in. I could see the quinoa in the veggie burger I got (yum!) which I thought was really cool. It had a great texture and amazing taste. Paired with the homemade ketchup, it was fantastic and not very heavy!
 Woody got a traditional cheeseburger, which he really enjoyed, and we shared a serving of their sweet potato fries. After all that, we still had more to enjoy! Milkshakes!
I enjoyed an amazing toasted marshmallow shake while Woody had a maple almond. His was good, but mine was delicious! Perfect way to enjoy a hot day! We then finished off our afternoon with some reading in Madison Square Park!

This post was much longer than I intended it to be, so thanks for sticking through to the end! Hope you've had a great weekend!

Have you ever taken Bikram (or hot) yoga? What did you think of it?

Workout Stats -
20mi bike
3 sets core circuit:
plank, seated twist with 10lb ball, bike crunches, hip raises, crunches
side planks
stretching and foam rollers
90 minute Bikram yoga class


Cameron Mizell said...

Bikram is the most intense workout I've ever done, barely topping the post-work Central Park jogs with Lisa (which increased in difficulty depending on how much post-work venting we needed to do).

Running Through Phoenix said...

Man I miss NYC!! Your blog helps me live. I've never tried Bikram but have always wanted to. Maybe I'll get in there this summer. Keep up with the city photos!!

Katie @ said...

I haven't yet had the courage to try Bikram ... it scares me! But I'm sure seeing Mr. Big and slurping back that divine-looking milkshake made it all worth it :)

Anne said...

That certainly sounds tough...and hot!!

OMG that cake looks divine indeed!

Tricia said...

that cake looks delish!

Katie @ Health for the Whole Self said...

I took a hot vinyasa class a few times and absolutely loved it! It was very challenging, but I definitely felt like the heat helped to loosen my muscles, allowing me to go deeper into poses and stretches than I ordinarily would. Glad you enjoyed it!

Robyn said...

I tried Bikram a few weeks ago at that same studio. It was hot but I was surprised at how OK I felt. So sweaty though. That burger looks amazing, I might have to try that place.

Adam said...

HEY! You won!!!

Shoot me an email w/ the email on my profile and I'll get the gift card sent your way!

sarah said...

I've done Bikram once - and that, frankly, was enough. I despise being hot, don't like teachers yelling at me and have a short attention span. With all those considered, I have no idea why I tried it in the first place! Good luck getting through your week...I'm sure there's some appeal to it.

gracela said...

So glad we did it!

Garden Runner said...

So jealous you saw Mario!!! I'm a Food Network junkie! Great job on the Bikram- I hear it's intense.

Stacey said...

Toasted marshmallow milkshake, wow that sounds amazing.