Tuesday, May 25, 2010

From The Super Food List: Salmon

There are tons of 'super food' lists floating around. Much like the number of nutrition bars on store shelves, but this time, at least most of them contain much of the same foods. Still, it does seem like there's always a new 'super food' popping up out of the ether.
One food that is on every list I've seen is salmon. This pink hued fish is filled with heart healthy omega-3's which can help raise good HDL cholesterol levels and ward off heart disease. Omega-3's also help to reduce inflammation and a recent study suggests that the DHA and EPA types of omega-3's from fish can reduce the risk of colon cancer. Salmon is also very high in protein and relatively low in calories and saturated fat. It has also been shown to help reduce the risk of other cancers, macular degeneration, fight Alzheimer's, and much more. With all these great benefits and the many ways to prepare the fish, it's a great option for a healthy meal!

Last night I tried a salmon recipe from a new cookbook I bought "Cooking Light: Fresh Food Fast." Since Woody and I were going to be eating at different times, I cooked the salmon during the afternoon and put them in the fridge after they cooled down a bit. It was somewhat late when I got home so Woody had already finished his dinner (I had left instructions for him!) but said it was really good! Whew! Unfortunately, I was so hungry I didn't even take time to take a picture, but thank goodness the cookbook has a picture!
I even made the tomatillo & onion salsa! The recipe calls for a rub of ground cumin, paprika, pepper and a dash of salt. I substituted chipotle for the paprika (it's what we had on hand) and it turned out really well! The salsa was really easy - tomatillos, onion, lemon zest & juice and extra virgin olive oil. We had black beans and broccoli on the side. I'm always a bit concerned about cooking salmon because I can't tell when the color is right, like I can with white hued fish, but this recipe calls for baking the fish. I went a little longer than the recipe says, but it wasn't dry or tough, even after being reheated! I will definitely try this one again!

Eating a fish like salmon or tuna once or twice a week, is part of a healthy diet. Just make sure to choose wild, line-caught salmon and albacore (chunk white) tuna. (because tuna warrants quite a few concerns, I'll do a separate post on tuna).

I haven't mentioned this yet, but a while ago I won a shopping spree on iherb.com from Megan at The Runners Kitchen. On my cyber shopping spree, I picked out a box of Yogi Tea that sounded interesting. The description says it helps calm the body and mind and promotes good sleep. I was a bit skeptical, but user reviews claimed that it worked, so I decided to give it a try. Well, they were right. I sleep much better the nights when I have a cup of tea before going to bed. Perhaps just the act of sipping warm tea is beneficial, but I do think it works better than other types of tea I've had in the evening. If you're having a tough time sleeping - be it because of stress, a wandering mind, or just restlessness - I suggest you give this tea a try! My box is almost empty so I'm going to have to pick up another one soon!

A lot of people don't include healthy fish in their diet, even if their not allergic or due to dietary choices. How often do you eat fish? Do you cook it at home or prefer to only get it in your sushi and at restaurants? If you don't eat fish, why not?

Workout Stats -
18mi bike
100 crunches
3x10 cable pull twists
3x10 weighted side bends (ea side)
4x45 sec planks (standard & side)
2x cobra pose
2x full locust pose
foam roller & stretching


Ashlei said...

I love salmon...definitely one of my superfoods. I only eat wild-line caught fish :) No farmed stuff for me!

Anonymous said...

i had salmon last night too! found your blog from Gina's twitter! your slamon looks so good.....

ALFIE said...

ahhh! i love salmon---as long as it is from a fresh, natural source!

and that Kava tea looks awesome!!

Katie @ Health for the Whole Self said...

I probably eat fish once a week - usually at home but sometimes out. I LOVE salmon, but I also enjoy tuna and most white fish. I get big bags of frozen fish fillets (usually cod, tilapia, or mahi mahi) from the wholesale club.

Anonymous said...

does shellfish count in the category of fish you should be eating? shrimp is all I have access to right now... must go shopping

Robyn said...

This looks like another way I can make salmon and actually like it. You're so good to make dinner for Woody ahead of time! I'm glad re-heating also worked because I've only ever eaten my salmon straight after cooking. COngrats on the iherb shopping spree.

Gina; The Candid RD said...

Mmm, I love fish, of all kinds! In fact I had some salmon today on a bed of romaine. So tasty. And you're right, so many nutritional benefits. I also like tuna, although it's not quite as healthy.

I prepare my salmon by marinating it in some type of dressing or soy sauce, then heating it on a pan on the stove top. I always leave it a tiny bit rare :)

Michele said...

I wish I liked fish. I just can't bring myself to like it. Plus, I can't stand the smell!

Maybe someday I learn to love it.

Laury Ann said...

I need to pick up this new Cooking Light book! Everyones buzzing about it!

New to your blog...beautiful btw!

Yes, you are 100% right about the mercury in the tuna...I stay away all together, but the chunk lights the way to go!

The foam roller is my BFF!

Horizon said...

Fish is hard for me -- I have always disliked the taste and I'm a vegetarian of 10 years.

I do acknowledge the health benefits and I do consider it a little different from flesh or foul, because of how it generally spends its life.

So, being health conscious and ethical, I've simply resolved to eat more eggs, nuts and olive oil. This of course is easy -- these are staples. But so too have I added a supplement and I noticed a strange clear feeling in my head, after about one week.