Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Better Late Than Never

Well, I guess you can decide that for yourself by the time you finish reading this post.

This is pretty late for me to be posting, but truthfully, I wasn't feeling too inspired first thing this morning. I took today off from working out as I'd gone eight days straight and needed to give my body a break. Even though I've mixed it up the past two days with Bikram Yoga (and I didn't make it through to the end yesterday), we all still need to take a rest day on a regular basis. I'm on a mission to be a few pounds lighter by this time next month, and I know that over training will not help my cause. Unfortunately, my mind just isn't in the same place on days when I don't workout so I was a bit sluggish this morning as Woody got ready for work and headed out for his busy day. Thus, I'm just now getting around to posting.

1. Yesterday morning I made another visit to my foot doc. I'm now done to 1x per week! I told the Doc that my heel was definitely feeling better than when I first started seeing him, but not much better from the week before. So, he decided to shoot me up again with a bit more cortisone. This is it though, he said! He used less, but it seemed to hurt more. He uses a freeze spray all over the heel before the injection, so I left with my foot taped up and feeling a bit numb. It's quite a strange sensation.

2. I found out yesterday that I won another blog giveaway! I really should have bought a lotto ticket on my Birthday. I bet I would have won. This time it's a gift card to Road Runners Sports from Adam's blog, The Boring Runner (he is not, by any means, boring!). I keep getting their catalog in the mail but have never ordered anything from Road Runners, but I already found a few things I am lusting over - including a few of the new running tops by Puma! Have you seen them? So cute! I saw them at NY Running Company a few weeks ago and wanted to buy them all up! But, I had to leave them there. Finally, a company has answered my dreams and made a 3/4 length sleeve running top! Perfect for early mornings that start out too cold for short sleeves but end up too warm for long sleeves! I am one of those people who thinks a cute running outfit, or at least one that looks good and fits well, is the first step to having a great workout - in the gym or on the road.

3. Last night I was busy doing something that kept me on my feet for over 3hrs. The last time I had done this I was feeling a lot of discomfort a couple hours in and was in a lot of pain by the time I got home. This time, things felt okay until I was on my way home and then it started to hurt a bit. Not too bad. Today, it's feeling pretty good. I think I'm on my way back! Finally!

4. I tried something new for breakfast today. When trying to loose a few pounds, it is also necessary to mix up your diet a bit, keep your body guessing. Also, without a workout to get me going, I wasn't all that hungry, so here's what ended up on my plate:
After two cups of green tea, I had a sliced banana with PB, half a grapefruit and water (have to stay hydrated, I'm trying Bikram again tomorrow!). I've found a love for grapefruit this year, but I still tend to spray myself with juice! Even with a grapefruit spoon! Fun fact, Woody's favorite juice is grapefruit.

5. Last night I stopped by Fairway on my way home to pick up some yogurt (why are they always out of Chobani non-fat plain?) and a few other things. Woody asked me a few days ago if I'd ever try carrot juice and since I'm curious about veggie juices (except for tomato juice, that's gross), I said yes. Well, I found this stuff from Ralph & Charlies (based in Brooklyn) and decided to give it a try. Each bottle is 4 servings at 50 calories a serving, so I have to be careful not to drink it all at once, because it is good! I am a bit concerned though because when I went to the website this afternoon, I saw this flavor isn't listed. How long has it been sitting on the shelf?

Well, that's it for today. Hope you've enjoyed my Tuesday evening randomness! I'm trying Bikram again tomorrow morning (8am instead of 6:15am) and then heading to the Farmers Market, so it'll probably be a late(r) post again tomorrow. Hope you all have a good evening!

Do you eat grapefruit? Do you peel it like an orange or slice in half and eat with a spoon?
Workout Stats -
1.5mile late morning walk


TallGuySurfing said...

Sorry I've been quiet on the blog scene for a while. Being down a computer sure does get you behind on your reader. Glad to see ya'll love grapefruit. If you're ever in Florida in the winter, stop by and stock up. I've got a huge pink grapefruit tree out back that produces about 800 grapefruit a year. By January each year I'm so sick of them I chuck them around the yard for Tucker to fetch! LOL.

ALFIE said...

i have been so interested in Bikram yoga! are you loving it?

that banana breakfast looks amazing!

as for grapefruit---i both peel and scoop! it just depends on my mood :)

Robyn said...

I wasn't a fan of my cortisone shot when I had one but it seemed to do the trick. I went through a grapefruit phase a few years ago but it's so much work to eat hah. I used to put a little splenda on it. Yay for the gift card!