Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Playing The Game

I'm playing the 'wait and see' game.

Yesterday I mentioned one of my Monday Miracles was that my foot injury seemed to be improving since the amount of pain and discomfort I was experiencing was decreasing. I went to see the Foot Doc yesterday for another ultrasound treatment and to be taped up again. While he was happy to hear about the progress, he also said that I need to continue with the bike, add the elliptical if it feels okay, but I can't run yet (which I wasn't planning to do anyway). I have another treatment on Thursday and he'll check things out again then, but I may not be able to run until next week.

This is not great news. I was hoping to run this weekend. This makes me quite a bit nervous about the race next week. Obviously I won't be setting a PR, but I want to get through it! 13.1 miles is quite a long way when you haven't run for almost 4 weeks. I'd like to think that my cardio conditioning is up to par since I've been biking so much, but my legs are not used to the motion of running at this point. So, I'm playing the wait and see game and hopefully I'll turn out the winner! I'm really looking forward to my friends coming into town for the race and I want to run it with them! (I promise ladies, I'm doing all I can! I have my foot wrapped with a heating pad now!)

If I'm given the okay to run before the race next week, I'm going to do it. I may walk a good deal of it, but I don't want to miss out on the experience. If you're a new runner or thinking about your first half marathon, this isn't the best plan of action, but I'm hoping that my training for the marathon last year, the runs I got in pre-injury and the hours I've spent on the stationary bike will help me power through the two loops of the park. Plus, the encouragement and support from my awesome friends!

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Workout Stats -
my legs were pretty stiff today after my strength training yesterday, but the foam roller and stretching helped to loosen them up. I'll use my stick a few times throughout the day.
15mi bike
175 crunches
2 planks (w/ exercise ball)
foam roller


Sarah said...

Better to wait and be safe than sorry! :) I'm willing to bet your muscle memory will carry you through your half. You'll do great! I'm sure it's disheartening, but I've got my fingers crossed that it will all turn out fantastic! Happy Tuesday!

Christy said...

I really do hope that you're able to run! Good luck!

SueMac said...

Oh, what a decision if you are given the go ahead to run. If I decide to run my race on Saturday, my time will be the worst.... which is another factor keeping me from pulling the trigger!

Alisa said...

Be careful with those feet you want to be able to keep running past this half marathon =).

Cardio-wise I think you'd be fine to run it, you've been cranking out cardio on other machines but do be careful!

akjenniekt said...

It's hard to get an injury right before a race but it's good that you are being careful and letting it heal. I hope that you are able to run your race :)!

Julie said...

you need to get better!!! i'll keep my fingers crossed that you'll be okay'd to run/walk with us!