Monday, April 19, 2010

Boston Day

Are you watching the race? Probably not. I'm guessing that you're hard at work and unable to park yourself infront of a TV. Well, you can get live updates and watch on Universal Sports if you can't watch it on TV (also Univ. Sports). I have to admit, I've never watched this before. Being more of a casual runner than a hard core racer, the only marathon I really cared about was NYC. Now, after finishing NYC and intimately understanding the dedication, time, hard work and emotions that go into running a marathon, I have even more respect and admiration for the runners out there on the streets of Boston today. Plus, knowing runners, either through blogs or real life: Jenn of Running Sane and April of April on the Run for example, I feel like I have a tiny connection to the race and more of a reason to watch. It's interesting to hear the commentary, to see the leaders, and see where the route, but I think it's much better to watch a race in person. The crowds look and sound pretty great there, just like here in NYC. It's a bit more impressive and inspiring to see it all from the sidelines.

Boston isn't a goal of mine, so I'm not sitting here watching and dreaming of 'one day' like others must be. I do feel horrible for the hundreds of runners who weren't able to run today because they are stuck in other countries unable to fly to the US due to the volcano. So sad. I can only imagine how disappointed they must be and the pain in their hearts they must be feeling today as they miss this race. I hope the Boston Athletic Association will allow them to defer to next year so they still have an opportunity. Still, it's really sad.

In more personal running news: I still haven't given up on the idea of running the MORE/Fitness Magazine Half Marathon this Sunday. My foot is not 100% yet and I still haven't run, but I have a podiatrist appointment at noon today and after talking with Woody yesterday, I've decided to go for the cortizone shot today. I've held off because I hear it's quite painful and I'm not sure how hard/easy it will be for me to get home afterwards, but it is supposed to help speed recovery and that's what I need.

In food: I've picked up a lot of fun veggies and ingredients at the farmers market and TJ's and look forward to trying some new recipes this week. I'll let you know how they turn out!

Have you ever watched a race on TV? Have you ever gone to a race to cheer on the runners?
Workout Stats -
20mi bike
3x10 weighted side bends (ea side)
3x10 leg press
3x10 leg extension
3x10 overhead tricep extension
stretching and foam roller


Barbara said...

Hoping your foot gets better. Know how disappointing this all is.

Gina said...

I can't wait for the farmer's markets to open here in Ohio! They start opening in May :)

I am with you on the running, I'd rather watch the marathoners, in aww, then run a marathon! I will do smaller races though, if I feel like it, but to be honest I'm not really into running. I prefer elliptical and yoga, and weights.

SueMac said...

Hope you get the go ahead!

Our local news covers our marathon here and it bums me out that they quit the coverage after the marathon winner and not keep going. It's a HUGE accomplishment for everyone but especially for those at the back of the pack.

runner5260 said...

There's not many things worse than running injuries.... heal fast!!! :)