Thursday, March 11, 2010

(Some Of) The Best Things Require Planning

Being healthy requires planning

We hear it all the time. People either put off a new healthy lifestyle or quickly abandon one because of the time it takes to plan things out. Meals for home and work need to be planned, grocery store trips - sometimes going to multiple stores to get the healthiest foods, what to eat at a restaurant or party, scheduling time to exercise, having the right shoes and gear, where to exercise, and what to do there. Maybe a babysitter needs to be hired. Maybe there are multiple family members to cook for who eat at different times each night. Maybe a plan is needed on how to get everyone to sit down at the same time. The list goes on.

On the flip side, it doesn't take much time to decide which drive thru line to join, which candy bar or soda to pick up at the convenience store, which tv show to watch and which seat to watch it from.

It's true. A lot of planning goes into a healthy lifestyle and it can require a good amount of time. It can sound a bit exhausting. But after a while, there are favorite healthy meals and knowing what gym or trail to go to becomes second nature. Plus, a new sense of strength, vitality and overall health that provides more energy to spend on living a healthy life and tons of other exciting experiences. Isn't a long, healthy and fun life worth a little time spent planning? I definitely think so.

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Karen said...

As they say, if it were easy everyone would be healthy. It is defintely a daily commitment.

Stepfanie said...

This is definitely true on my part. I started planning cooking from home, my meals for the day, and guess what? I started eating at home instead of going through all the drive through! Amazing how far a little planning goes!

Alisa said...

So true! I find that packing up my lunch the night before really helps. Though, I'm still not good at keeping healthy snacks around. This is something that I need to plan more.

NY Wolve said...

Yes, the planning is key. Also, i tend to visualize results. thus, if a party is coming up. I try to picture the next day's scale or the feeling on the run if I drink or eat poorly.

Love the new banner picture -- that is a great shot!

The Laminator said...

Planning out what you eat is always better than making spontaneous food decisions when hungry. I liken it to deciding to run a marathon the day off without adequate training.

You're on a roll with your diet and running plans I see!

ALFIE said...

LOVE this post! some things are SO SO worth the time. and our bodies & health are 2 of the most important!

thanks for these thoughts :)