Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Oh, It's Just A Little Rain.

If you're not aware, the East Coast is getting hit by another nasty rain storm. Just as parts of New Jersey, Long Island and Connecticut were starting to dry out and hopefully begin to recovery from the devastation caused by the last major rain storm and flooding a few weeks ago, here we go again! We may end up with the third wettest March on record when this is all over. It rained all day yesterday and is pouring this morning - at least here on the UES. Woody and I tune into the local news each morning as we're getting ready for the gym to check the weather. Obviously we knew it was raining, but the radar didn't look too bad, so we got ready and headed out. Wow. One problem with living in a high rise apartment building is that you can never really tell what the weather is going to be like when you get outside. It was POURING! Oh, well. It stinks, but it wasn't going to keep us from the gym.

As we dodged puddles and streams of water gushing down the streets, I mentioned to Woody "at least the gym might not be too crowded." Haha! Wrong again! It was packed! There were a bunch of dripping wet coats and umbrella's at the coat rack on the cardio floor. I'm not sure if we were all crazy, or just dedicated to fitness! It was great to see so many people plod through the bad weather to get there. That got me thinking though, what motivates people to face wicked weather to workout? Whether to go to the gym or to run in the rain?

My first 18 miler last summer was scheduled for the morning of the day we left for our week in Montreal. I had to get it in, but the weather forecast called for rain. It rained the entire 18 miles, but the last two were brutal. Hard, cold, rain. My feet were sloshing in my shoes as I finished in the park. It was part torture, part comical. I made it through and was stronger for it. Those last two miles may have been my fastest! On that day, I was motivated by the fact that it was going to be my longest run to date, a new hurdle to leap, and because I was going on vacation and I couldn't do it the next day. Usually when it's raining, I just want to curl up on the couch with a cup of tea and a good book or movie. Except when it's time for the gym.

What motivates you to go out in the rain for a workout?

What it looks like outside our door!
A wind gust claimed the life of Woody's umbrella this morning. It won't see another rainstorm.

Workout Stats -
6.5mi elliptical
5mi bike
100 crunches
3x10 bicep extension
3x10 side arm lifts
3x10 front arm raise
5x10 hip raise
stretching...lots of stretching


Susie said...

Nothing motivates me to workout in the rain. I just use the Wii Fit:-)

Thanks for stopping by and leaving such sweet comments! I hope to see you back there soon:-)

J said...

I like warm rain and will usually get out and run in that but if its really pouring and cold I just dont have any desire to run outside. I usually just hit the gym instead.

Julie said...

i think we had freezing rain almost every wednesday night this winter for my 10K training group. I think the hardest part was getting out there...once you start running in the rain, it really isn't bad. Marathon training also made me realize the value of a hat and body glide for long rainy runs!

Robyn said...

It's so funny because ever since I did my 1 run in the rain, everyone today is like, so if it were like this would you still go? I'm like, um if it's like this Saturday you think I'm missing the race after all my training just b/c of rain?? People don't get it haha.

NY Wolve said...

Nothing motivates me anymore. I used to run in the rain, and still will if it is just mist. But rain? Not anymore. Hello treadmill. The risk of a slip and fall too great for my old bones. And blisters...ugh.

And today and yesterday are a joke.

Ms. V. said...

I like running in the rain, once I'm out there. Just sprinkling, or only slightly raining. Full on storms are VERY hard for me...

Love your blog!

Amanda - RunToTheFinish said...

Agreed with Ms V, if I can just get out the door then I will run in the rain and I'll be like yah I'm a bad ass the whole way :)

Jon said...

The crazy thing about this rainstorm is that the rain droplets are HUGE. I almost thought it was sleeting out! Guess it depends on how close I am to a race to risk going out in the rain. At least you would have had Central Park to yourself!

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

The cold and windy days are rough. but a nice light rain always feels refreshing to me. course in WA I have to deal with the sogg..

I saw your comment on another Blog about my onloine dating success story, thanks for remembering, made me smile :)

Sarah (Running To Slow Things Down) said...

If it's cold rain, I'm a major wimp but still will usually head out with the motivation of a hot shower and a bowl of oats sitting in the back of my head. ;) If it's warm rain, I totally love it! Warm rainy days can be so peaceful and relaxing for a morning run.

Nishant said...

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