Saturday, March 27, 2010

A Lazy Saturday

I made a tough, but necessary decision yesterday. It takes a lot for me to stay home from the gym, especially on a Saturday, but that's exactly what I'm doing this weekend. I need to get rid of the pain in my heel as quickly as possible, so I've decided the best thing for me to do is to stay off it as much as possible, and definitely not put the extra pressure on it at the gym. I definitely feel incredibly lazy, but it's better to take two days off now than to exacerbate the problem. I want to run!! So, while Woody went off to the gym this morning, I'm hanging out hear, drinking green tea, blogging, and icing and massaging my heel! We are going to brave the cold weather today though and go to the Farmer's Market at Union Square! I can't spend all day in this place!

So, did you all see Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution last night? I know you stayed home from the bar, or Sweet 16 watch party, or movies, to watch this new show!! Right?! Well, when I wasn't watching basketball, I did catch the show. The first of the two hours was a replay of what the 'sneak preview' from Sunday. The second hour was just as good and just as disturbing. He took the family he worked with during the first episode to the hospital to get check-ups only to find that their 6th grade son is morbidly obese. He tried to shock parents and students by physically showing them all the nasty food the children eat at school in a week and the fat they eat in a year (I think he got this tactic from Gillian McKeith and her show You Are What You Eat). The thing that made me the most sad, I think, is when he went into the classroom and learned that the children couldn't name vegetables by sight. They couldn't recognize the tomatoes that make ketchup or the potatoes that fries come from. The teacher did work with the students to teach them, but isn't that one of the basic things parents should be teaching their kids? Overall, it was another eye opening episode and I'm a bit disappointed there are only going to be 6 in all. Perhaps ABC was hedging their bets and didn't want to stick their neck out too far if this turned too controversial.

And speaking of food....
I had two great meals yesterday. Nothing extraordinary, but definitely satisfying. I've had a can of tuna I wanted to make a sandwich with but we don't buy mayo anymore and I didn't have another idea of how to make tuna salad...until I read that you can mix the tuna with hummus! I had never thought about that. Am I alone here? Turns out, it works deliciously!
As I continue to expand the types of grains we use, I cooked barley for the first time the other night. Last night I used some of the leftovers (grains can be used for several days after cooking, so it's fine to cook a big pot and use them in multiple ways for different meals) last night and combined with fresh and frozen veggies (fresh: red & yellow peppers, frozen: broccoli and french peas) and also threw in a vegan burger and topped it off with a little soy sauce. It was nutritious and filling. Loved it! My big bowl of barley & goodness!
And the BIG news:
The Spartans beat Northern Iowa last night and is playing Tenessee in the Elite 8 tomorrow! This is the seventh time Tom Izzo will be taking the Spartans to the Elite 8 and it will be the first time in school history for Tenessee. I am not one to take things for granted, especially when it comes to Michigan State athletic teams (we are also know for spectacular losses), but I have faith in the team and can't wait to see this game tomorrow! After the game last night, Izzo put it simply to ESPN "I love March!" We love you Tom Izzo!

Have a great Saturday!!


Ann @ Healthy Tasty Chow said...

I caught the tail-end of the show after my son went to bed- I really hope it makes a difference! Otherwise, he's getting a packed lunch every day! You can use Greek yogurt, some apple cider vinegar and lemon in place of the mayo if you won't eat mayo! I've never tried hummus though, great idea!
Btw..your post made me want to start moving - I'm pregnant and have gotten lazy and swimsuit shopping yesterday wasn't pretty - Where did the tone go? Gross!

Anonymous said...

Good luck with your foot. Sending lots of good healing vibes your way!

brattypants said...

What a great idea to mix tuna with hummus. I've been looking for a way to cut back on mayo, but I wasn't sure how to go about it. I'm glad you found the solution!

Hope your foot is better soon!

Jon said...

Nice blog! I hope your injury heals QUICKLY.

Thanks for volunteering last weekend at the NYC Half. I got my bib on Saturday and you probably handed it to me (as well as thousands of others!). Yeah, the expo was a bit small, but they did have the one thing that I was looking for!

Looking forward to your future posts involving more food. Looks yummy!

SueMac said...

I know how you feel about wanting to get out there and run, but you really need to rest that heel.... been there, didn't do that! God bless Jamie....... when he did that to the chicken to make nuggets, my stomach churn!