Friday, February 26, 2010

Snowy Excursion

My 11am appointment was not postponed due to the snow, so I made my way to the subway and to midtown. Thank goodness I won these awesome Sorrel boots from Daily Candy at the end of last year! I've only worn them a few times, but they worked so well today!
Since I've shared pictures with you from the other snow storms we've had this winter, I thought I'd share some more! As of this morning, the city had received about 50 inches of snow for the season when 18 inches is the average for the whole season! I'm ready for spring!

(I picked up a few pears from this die hard fruit vendor!)
(our doormen keep the sidewalk so clear, one place where I don't have to worry about ice!)

When I got home I made a great lunch (cherry chutney and laughing cow cheese sandwich, a Florida tangerine, an apple from the Union Sq farmers market and carrots), jumped on the computer and turned on the USA Hockey game!!
Stay warm and be safe on the roads if you're dealing with snow! And be sure to watch out for snow falling from buildings! I saw a guy get hammered with a big pile of snow earlier!


Robyn said...

OK so my question is, is it safe to run in the park tomorrow? Are they good about clearing that road right away?

Lisa said...

Well, the road will probably be plowed but still slippery and slushy. The sidewalks will probably be snow covered for a while.

Just One Week said...

I'm in southern california - and really, it is as though the sky forgot to send winter this year (and the past several before). I'm from the midwest and I miss snow. I see all of these pictures my friends keep sending, and I'm jealous. Enjoy your wkd!

Jocelyn said...

Glad you made it home safe! It so slushy and gross outside! YUKKEEE

Marathonman101108 said...

Wow, 50 inches of snow? I think you've gotten more snow than where I live in CT. I love your pics of NY, and can't wait to run the half marathon there 3 weeks from tomorrow!!

Julie said...

Great pictures Lisa!! You New Yorkers really did get dumped on! Enjoy the rest of your weekend:)