Friday, January 15, 2010

What? Healthy Cookies?!

Yes, it's true!! There are things such as healthy cookies! Well, at least "healthier."

I wrote earlier about a post-holiday cookie exchange I took part in. Well, Lisa, my cookie exchange partner, received her cookies yesterday so I can now write about them! Lisa is a kickboxing instructor and enjoys healthy foods and treats. Since I have one hyperactive sweet tooth, this was a great opportunity for me to seek out healthy cookie recipes.

It was a little difficult, but I managed to find a couple tasty options. My husband and a few former colleagues were also able to benefit from this experience and were pleasantly surprised.

I decided to try two recipes since they were both new to me and I had no idea how they'd turn out. Two options are better than one, right?

The first was this Tasty Trail-Mix Cookie:
This one starts with a traditional Betty Crocker oatmeal cookie mix but uses egg whites, ground flax seeds, wheat germ, a small amount of canola or vegetable oil, dried fruit, walnuts and dark chocolate chips. Unfortunately, I couldn't find dark chocolate chips when I was on my shopping trip. The semi-sweet worked fine, but I definitely think dark would be better.


Next was Nikki's Healthy Cookie:
This is awesome because the base is mashed banana! There is also olive oil, rolled oats, almond meal and more dark chocolate! I added a little ground flax seed and wheat germ to these too, to bump up the nutrition factor! Even though our smoke detector kept going off again while baking these, I loved the final, moist, result!

If you try either of these, let me know what you think. I'd also love to hear about any healthy cookie (or brownies) recipe you have!

Here's a picture from Woody's birthday dinner. We tried Turkish food for the first time and went to Turkish Kitchen. I had thinly sliced lamb over eggplant puree, with a tomato and light tomato sauce. Along with his glass of Turkish red wine, Woody chose the Sis Kabob with lamb chunks, peppers, onion, traditional rice and potatoes. We had a great time and ate great food! The staff was helpful and made great suggestions.

While the dessert tray looked wonderful, we opted for Turkish coffee and tea to finish up our dinner and stopped by Buttercup Bakeshop for cupcakes!


Jocelyn said...

Hmm, all sound interesting. I have never attempted to make a healthy cookie. I have made vegan cupcakes, but just because they are vegan doesn't mean they are necessarily healthier. You'll have to give us the verdict on what you liked best!

KBam said...

Hi Lisa, thanks for stopping by my blog! Your cookie recipes look amazing. I'm going to have to make them asap. Also, I've never been to Buttercup Bakeshop, but it's my boyfriend's absolute favorite in the entire city.

Although the impetus to write your previous blog entry was not exactly a fun one, I liked the title and greatly admire the moral. From the list you wrote it seems like you'll have more to do than time to do it in. I'll keep up with your blog and will hopefully be able to do some of the things on your to-do list, as many of them are goals of mine as well.