Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Mid-Day Run Break

Two of the good things about being unemployed are that I get to workout longer in the morning (and start a little later if I want) and that I can take mid-day run breaks! I couldn't workout during lunch at my job because it would have taken too long to get showered and back to my desk. I'd have to stay even later at night and that really wasn't appealing to me.

So, even though I got up with Woody this morning and headed to the gym for an elliptical workout, some crunches and an hour long yoga class, it's pretty convenient to head downstairs to the "fitness room" in our apartment building and jump on the treadmill for a few minutes, so that's what I did!

That blurry thing in the distance is me (my flash was creating a weird glowing orb)

I did this yesterday too, and really liked it. Since I'm not walking around an office throughout the day and our apartment is not very big, it's a nice way to get out without having to go too far, re-energize, and rev up my metabolism!

The room isn't too bad. They've replaced a few pieces of equipment since we first moved in, and the treadmills actually work better than many at the NYSC we go to!

I also did a few strength exercises using one of the resistance bands Woody gave me for Christmas! I love these things!

Now it's time for lunch! On the menu is a hummus and avocado sandwich (hummus I picked up at Trader Joe's this morning - much less  busy than on a Saturday morning!), veggies, and an apple from the farmers market! Actually, that's another 'nice' thing about being out of work! I get to go to the market during the week and visit the vendors who don't drive into the city on Saturdays!

I have officially registered for the MORE I Fitness Magazine Half Marathon in Central Park (sorry guys, this is women only, although you might want to come watch!) on April 25th! It's about time I did this since I have (at least) two college friends coming in from out of town to run, too! Not to mention other friends who have signed up. I wanted to get a few treadmill runs (even short ones) in before registering and my feet are feeling pretty good so I'm confident I can do this! Can't wait to start training in earnest!

Okay, my stomach is growling so it's time to eat! Have a great afternoon!


Julie said...

I'm still holding out for Melody to sign up! We can probably convince her with enough peer-pressure :)

Jocelyn said...

Great job getting to the gym more than once! That is not always easy :) Way to go!

Julie said...

Great, a half marathon to look forward to!! You can do this Lisa:)

Alisa said...

Ooooh what a fun race! I'd really like to run NYCM some year.

Being unemployed has its perks for sure.

k80 @ onegirlsjourney said...

Thank you for visiting my blog and welcome to blog world! Yes - we newbies! LOL. I read your post and I totally admire your active lifestyle. That is amazing...what a great choice. Hoping to make it a bit more of a regular part of my used to be! But you've helped inspire me! :)

The Laminator said...

Oooh...I volunteer at that race every year so I'm excited you'll be running it! Good luck in your training! Your photos make the treadmill look so inviting!

spinDiva said...

Great blog. I have never ran a marathon but have been itching to train for one. I love the encouragement from people who never ran before and went on to complete one. I'm more of a biker but someday...I don't know!! Good luck and yes it is nice to be able to workout whenever for as long as you want!