Monday, January 18, 2010

Fitness Class Review: The Nalini Method

As a co-lead for the Women's Health Committee for Step Up Women's Network, I've had the opportunity to participate in or coordinate several health and fitness events or classes. A bootcamp class with InShape, gyrokenisis and pilates with Kinespirit, a jazzercise class, IntenSati, and several others. Yesterday, I got together with a great group of Step Up members to try a completely different type of class than any of us had tried before.

The Nalini Method
48 W 68th St, NYC (212) 787-5588 (also in East Hampton, NY)
$32 per class (new students, first two classes for price of 1) with packages available
Click HERE to make a reservation
Instructor (and founder) Rupa Mehta
Class is done barefoot. I recommend bringing plenty of water and a towel.

Expectation: From what I heard from a fellow Step Up member who had taken the class already and a clerk at a local Lululemon store who had just taken the class (Rupa is a Lululemon 'ambassador'), I knew it was going to be tough and I was going to hurt.

Studio: Rupa uses a studio located in a building with multiple studios that are rented by dance groups, fitness instructors and others. It is in the basement of the building but there is a large window that lets in a good amount of light. Rupa has an equipment closet that holds all of the mats, straps, bands, ankle weights, dumbbells and other necessary equipment for the class. There is a locker room and a reception area. The building is about half a block from Central Park.

Instructor: Rupa Mehta is tiny and spunky! Before class she learned the name of every student so she could call us out (a mix of corrections and praises) which was both impressive and pretty cool. With an MBA and extensive yoga training, the Nalini Method has allowed Rupa to combine her entreprenurial spirit with her passion for fitness. She has also been featured in publications such as Vogue, O! Magazine, Fitness and others.

Thoughts: The class was definitely challenging, in a way I'm not too familiar with. Not a true yoga or pilates class, or cardio class, it is a mix of all these things. While paying a lot of attention to posture, we focused on particular areas - arms, legs, glutes, abs - with stretching in between each segment and quick transitions. We used all sorts of equipment but I'll still be able to incorporate many of the moves into my regular routine. I was a bit clumsy with some of the moves, but I felt comforted by the fact that others in the class were too, and I assume that after a few classes they come a bit easier. I'm not sure how similar each class is, but there are easy ways to make the routine a bit tougher as you attend more classes - like using heavier weights or altering the move a bit to increase the resistence.

Overall Impression: My arms, pecs, and legs are quite sore and I can feel it in my core section too. I focused on cardio at the gym this morning wanting to give some muscles a little resting period after yesterday. This was definitely a great workout and I can see how it must burn a good amount of calories and build muscle. I liked the combination of strength training and stretching, plus the upbeat music and energetic instructor. This class is great for anyone who wants to mix up their routine a bit or runners and bikers who want to add a quick and fun strength session to their training. I just wish the cost was a little lower!


After class, I headed home in the rain and had a great lunch to refuel after the intense workout! I enjoyed half my sandwich from dinner Saturday night (brie, ham, sliced apple and honey mustard on 7-grain bread), an apple and carrots. It was still delicious the next day and a pretty healthy meal that hit all the food groups!

If you have the day off for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, I hope you're enjoying your day and doing something healthy to fill all the time!

I also urge you to help out with the recovery in Haiti however you can. We all know about the ways to donate to the Red Cross (text, web, or now at all Starbucks locations - you don't have to purchase anything), but did you know that Soles4Souls is collecting shoes to deliver to the quake victims? My cousin tipped me off to this one! Soles4Souls is always collecting shoes to deliver to those in need, and now they are focusing their attention on Haiti since countless people have lost all they have, including shoes. You can donate gently worn shoes (did you try a new model of running shoes only to find out after two runs that they weren't going to work?), new shoes, or money. My cousin mentioned the organization is collecting shoes at a Merrell store in the Indianapolis area, so your area may have donation locations as well. Click HERE to check out their site.


Jocelyn said...

That class sounds fun and intense!

karen@fitnessjourney said...

Hi Lisa, thanks for stopping by my blog via SITS.

This class sounds right up my alley. My trainer tells me that if it starts feeling easy, I'm not working it enough!

On another note, the upside to living in Ohio is that fitness classes are reasonably priced. Even small private studios usually only charge about $5/class. $32, ouch. That would have to be one fantastic class for me to pay that much! LOL!

Julie said...

Hi Lisa,
You win the award for the blogger who has tried the most differnt type of workouts! Thanks for the review!

Alisa said...

Oooh that class sounds right up my alley. Too bad it's in NYC =).

Way to eat such a healthy balanced meal after too. That sandwich looks super tasty.