Thursday, November 12, 2009

Addicted.... to Email

Are you like so many other Americans, addicted to email?

I spend the majority of my workday at my desk (hard at work, of course) and find myself constantly checking my email in outlook. I can't even begin to estimate how many times I check email during the day and how many emails I write or receive. My inbox is out of control, even though I have more than 30, possibly 40, separate folders for specific projects or people. It's pretty insane. I admit it. I also have a blackberry. We all do. This city is overflowing with them. I estimate, with absolutely no scientific data, that there may be more blackberry's and iPhones than people who actually live in the city. Teenagers have Blackberry's!

I used to have my blackberry on all the time. Well, I was usually pretty good and wouldn't turn it on before work, but it would be on AT work (let me clarify, it was given to me by my employer, it's not a personal device), I'd check it on my way home, and multiple times at night before going to bed. I would turn it on as soon as I got home from the gym or a run on Saturday and Sunday mornings and it would stay on until I turned out the lights. My husband was happy to hear that I wouldn't be able to get reception at our honeymoon location, although he was prepared to hide it for the week. I usually take it on vacation, but try my best only to check in once or twice a day (depending on what's happening in the office).

While I'm still a non-stop email checker at my desk, I have been better this year about turning off the blackberry. I don't neglect my job duties, but I need to give my eyes (and fingers) a rest sometimes. We all do. While they are genius inventions at points (in emergency, to stay in touch with people, etc) at times they seem to get in the way of real life. The life that is right in front of our faces.

I see people (and I have been one of them) who 'check out' of what's happening around them and bury their face in their blackberry. I know people who check their blackberry's while they're sitting at dinner at a restaurant with friends or family, instead of talking to the people they are with. People email during meetings. During class. On the subway. They even keep it on at night on their bed stand! Isn't there any place we can break free and just be?

I LOVE staying in touch with people on email (feel free to reach out! I'd love to hear from you!) but do we have to live our life by it?

Are you addicted to email? Facebook (another one of my vices)? Do you find yourself having to force yourself or someone else to put the blackberry away? I'd LOVE to hear your thoughts on this, cause I know that some people think it's absolutely necessary to be reachable and responsive every moment of the day.

I hope you all have a great day and take a few 'email free' minutes for yourself!

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Morgan said...

My comments come in my email inbox so I don't have to check my page to read and I'm basically signed on to Google *hangs head in shame* :)

How's the foot?