Saturday, October 31, 2009

Only Hours Left

There are no more days left. Only hours until my first ING NYC Marathon. By this time tomorrow, I will have crossed the finish line, had a medal put around my neck, picked up my food bag, my personal bag from the UPS truck and met up with my family on the UWS. The weather forecast has been changing quite a bit the past few days, and it looks like it won't be too bad after all! The rain should move through overnight and we might just have a few sprinkles to deal with at Ft Wadsworth. This is FANTASTIC news! I have run through the rain several times, but I wasn't particularly looking forward to hanging out in the rain for a few hours before the race even begins. Anyway, it looks like it'll be good and I jumped for joy this morning when I saw the forecast! I do hope though, that the rain doesn't force them to cancel the fireworks tonight. Rather than fighting the crowds we might head up to our roof to catch them if it's not raining.

Yesterday was our trip to the Expo at Javitz Center (one of the hardest places to get to in the city). Thank goodness the marathon offers free shuttle service from several spots in midtown. Our bus was packed and a nice couple squeezed over and offered a seat to me. They are from Ireland, have been in NYC several times before and have run marathons before, but this is their first time running NYC. I spoke with Chris on the way to Javitz and turns out he is the founder of an International Non-Profit and had been in Detroit not too long ago speaking about his organization. I plan on writing a post about it later on.

This is, obviously, me after picking up my number (38011) and goodie bag.

Most people point to the finish line in this picture, I pointed to my apartment. We will cross our street twice on the route (1st Ave and in the park) I hope I don't feel a huge desire to veer off course and run home! No. I won't. No way! I want to cross that finish line!

After we explored the expo for a few hours, purchased Asics/Marathon gear, talked to the women at the Cherry Industry booth (representing the Michigan Cherry Industry and distributing cherry juice samples and Michigan dried cherries!), picked up some cheer signs for my Dad to decorate tonight (he has the best handwriting of the four of us) and a few other stops, we got on a bus uptown and had lunch on the Upper West Side. Then we took a walk through the park to check out the finish line since my parents won't see it tomorrow.

Woody had to work yesterday (if you're wondering where he is in all these pictures) but didn't feel well when he got home. Unfortunately, he had to miss out on going to Blue Note to see Ron Carter, Russell Malone, and Mulgrew Miller. Let me just say, they are amazing. It is always an honor to see such great jazz musicians. I sat there in awe of these guys who played with more ease than most people speak. It was beautiful and relaxing. A great way to spend the evening. I would have taken a picture, but it was too dark and my camera doesn't do well in those situations without a flash (yes, I know, I need a new camera). I was exhausted by the time we got home. Woody was already asleep - trying to get rid of whatever he got.

This morning I ran an easy 2 mile jog, we went to Neil's for breakfast so I could load up on their awesome Maple Walnut Pancakes, a banana, and scrambled egg whites, and I've been hanging out at home all day getting ready, slowly, for tomorrow. Woody has been resting so he'll feel okay to cheer for me tomorrow and my parents went to the Guggenheim (I didn't want them bored all afternoon). I've been trying to keep my mind off of tomorrow and have done a pretty good job of it. I think I'm ready. I KNOW I'm ready. Just have to remember to set the clocks back an hour and get to the start on time!

I have my clothes set out (including my throwaway sweatsuit), my pack filled with the Black Cherry Shot Blocks, Pomegranate Luna Moons, Kleenex, and my phone. My race bag has a little food to eat while we're waiting to start, garbage bags to sit on instead of the wet ground, extra socks, the State hat I will wear for the race (I'll switch from the winter hat I'll wear on the way there), and as many people have suggested, I also have some toilet paper in my bag! I heard to be prepared for the porta poties to be low on this necessity. A post race bag is ready with a hoodie, compression socks, gloves, and I'm making a pb&j sandwich Woody will add along with my Ronnybrook chocolate milk to have on the way home. I think that's enough stuff for a simple run through the city!

Okay, time to chill for a bit more before we head to Lenny's for my pre-race dinner. I hope Tall Mom On The Run had a great Halloween Half Marathon today! I wonder if she wore a costume?!

I hope you all have a great Halloween! I'll be back soon to tell you all about the race!

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