Monday, October 19, 2009

Back from Michigan

I’m back!

Sorry for being MIA for a few days. We were in Michigan enjoying the chilly fall weather and Spartan Football! We got back pretty late last night – our flight was delayed 1.5hrs – so this will be a short post.

I stopped by Playmakers, a local running shop on Friday and picked up some new gear, including two pairs of socks and a new top. I’ve been reading a lot about graduated compression socks and how they do wonders for preventing leg cramps and getting the blood flowing back where it should after long runs. Well, I picked up a pair of Oxysox and asked one of the salespeople if they’re any good. He highly recommended them and mentioned some people wear them while running but he prefers not to because they look stupid. I picked up the pair and decided to wear them with my Nike capri’s on Saturday for my very early run.

I was on the road at 6:15am so I could get my 15 mile run in before the noon game. It was 27 degrees and DARK in Okemos so I was very glad to have a small flashlight my mom lent me and the battery powered red light flasher from my dad. Definitely important to be safe and have lights or reflective gear when you’re running in the dark. I enjoyed my run, going by tailgaters grilling and drinking, and feeling good. The rest of the day though, I had pretty brutal stomach cramps that were a bit frustrating. This happened last week too after my 20 mile run but I hadn’t experienced them before. After a bit of research I believe they were caused by dehydration. Because the weather was cooler I didn’t feel the need to drink as much as I had in the past and I didn’t take as many walk breaks. I think those two changes were big mistakes. I don’t have any more long runs left before the marathon (two weeks away!) so I will just have to be sure to take more walk/drink breaks during the race and hopefully that will help my stomach later in the day.

I still had a great time at the game, and cheered the Spartans on to a 24-14 win over Northwestern!

Well, now I have to head off to work. I have a feeling that a big coffee is in my future!


Morgan said...

I just got back from Michigan yesterday myself and I was totally tailgating at MSU too!!!! :) Great fun!

Jen Cole said...

It was so great to see you, even thought it was only for a short time! :)

Barbara said...

I really liked our family walk on Campus yesterday. It was good to move.
We met a pacer in yesterday's Detroit Marathon from Boston at dinner last night. He talked about how cold it was until they were in the tunnel between Windsor and Detroit. That was nice and warming he said. We encouraged him to come back to Michigan for the Traverse City Marathon during the Memorial Day weekend.