Monday, September 7, 2009

Soothing Sounds

I love water. It is a beautiful, nurturing, and essential element. I know I use too much of it throughout my day, but I will talk about that in another post. This post is about the relaxing nature of water.

Some day, when we have a house, I fully intend to purchase a nice water feature that will provide us with the constant soothing sounds of flowing water. I have a strong feeling that it will help bring peace and relaxation to our daily lives.

Our family cottage is located on a small, usually peaceful lake in northern Michigan. It is always a beautiful sight to wake up, walk out on the porch and see the sun glistening on the lake's surface as the mist is lifting. A fisherman may be sitting quietly in his row boat at the other end of the lake and a loon may be soaking up the morning sun, but for the most part, it is perfect and still.

What is it about water, the sight or the sound of it, that is so relaxing? Why does it affect us so much and allow us to relax and tune out the things that are stressing us and causing so much angst? I can't tell you scientifically, but I do know that it works for many of us. Water deserves much more respect than it is given. It gives us life, but all to often, we just take it for granted.
Water is an essential element of Chinese gardens. It is the nurturing yin that represents the feminine and life principles of the universe. It is featured through still ponds which reflect the changing sky, flowing streams and rushing waterfalls. Water is the lifeblood of the garden unifying all of the different features.

Do you have a fountain in your house or a waterfall in your garden? Or are you like me and dream of one? I hope these photos help you relax a bit today as you go back to work tomorrow after the long holiday weekend.


Barbara said...

I know where all the photos except the water fall were taken. They make me want to be anywhere but here . I did make it around the lake in the pedal boat yesterday. Not much compared to your running , but I still don't have all my energy back from the pneumonia.

Grace said...

It's probably no coincidence that we find water so relaxing when our bodies are made of 75%-80% (depending on what you read) of water. Hmmm....

Christina said...

I love this post. I don't have a water fountain but often look wistfully at them. Perhaps I should go buy one (but then I worry about consumerism)