Friday, September 18, 2009

Happy Friday!

I thought I'd pass along a few good things today.

Recently I came across this blog - It has a fantastic message and I encourage everyone to check it out, participate, and spread the word. Such simple actions can really change someones day or even their life. I especially encourage you to take a few minutes and read the personal emails that people have sent in.

Next week I am participating in two fundraisers. If you know me, you might think this is a bit odd since I typically find it very difficult to ask people for money. Even for extremely worthy causes, I have never liked asking people to give up their hard earned dollars. Well, these two fundraisers allow you to have some fun and support good causes!

First, on September 23rd is a Happy Hour and Dewey's Flatiron (210 5th Ave) hosted by the NYRR Foundation Young Professionals Committee. There will be drink specials and raffle prizes. The admission is $20 at the door for two drink tickets or $35 for 2 drink tickets and a YPC technical shirt. All the fun starts at 6:30pm, so bring your friends and help support the Foundation's mission to provide running opportunities to children across our country and in South Africa (
Also, next Saturday September 26th, is the annual Step Up Women's Network fundraiser. This time, we're hosting a day long designer shoe sale! Check out the details here and stop by The W Hotel on Lexington for shoe shopping and pampering!
I'm off for a 13 mile run tomorrow morning and hope to finish at Union Square so I can pick up a few things from the Farmer's Market. It has been hard to get there lately with my training. Apples and vegetables are my favorite picks. You can't do much better than buying produce straight from the farmers!
Good luck to the Spartan's tomorrow!! I hope they've learned from last week and play a good game against Notre Dame!
Have a great Friday!

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