Thursday, August 13, 2009

Yoga on the Hudson

One of the things I enjoy most about living in New York is the emphasis the city has put on health initiatives. (I'm a big fan of calorie counting, but that can wait for another day). I came across this great website that tells New Yorkers (and tourists) about a lot of opportunities around the city to be active. I found that the city parks system provides free yoga classes in several parks and one isn't too far from my office.

With a threat of rain all day yesterday, my friend and I made the trek over to the Hudson River at 66th St and found about 30 other people, of all ages and sizes, ready to relax and recharge. With the steady humming of cars overhead on the West Side Highway and waves crashing up against the wall, we laid out our mats and practiced yoga for an hour. It was my first class in quite a while and my first ever outdoors. What a great experience! Runners were running past on the trail, a lone kayaker made his way downstream and tour boats were plenty. Even on a gloomy, humid day, it was pretty fantastic. If you're in the city, I definitely suggest you try out one of these classes. There are others in Bryant Park as well, but they only last for another month.

A quick note about my training. Today was my cross training day so I went to the gym, but yesterday I took a lap around the Reservoir in Central Park as part of my run. It's one of the most beautiful areas in the city and an amazing place to watch the sun come up. One of these days I'll take my camera out there with me so I can share it with you.

Have a great day! Check out these yoga classes and don't forget about Summer Streets this Saturday!

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