Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Cup of Tea

A cup of tea is a great way to start the day. I love coffee too, but sometimes I think that a nice comforting cup of tea is a soothing and easy way to wake up and get started. Matt and I start every weekday with at least one cup of tea. I don't remember drinking it much before we were married though. We registered for a tea kettle and a tea box for our wedding and have used it just about every day since it arrived. We were spoiled on our honeymoon at Little Dix Bay where they would set up an amazing afternoon tea each day. Since then we've become big fans of the healthy and soothing beverage.
While Green Tea is one of the healthiest teas to drink, I recently read about a study done in 2007 at Purdue University that found a way to make it even healthier. When added to green tea, citrus juice, particularly lemon, allows the catechins (antioxidants found in green tea) to remain throughout digestion thus increasing the health benefits of the tea. Grab a cup of tea and check out this article from Science Daily for more information!

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heather... said...

mmm, I love green tea, but I can't drink it while I'm pregnant. I miss it!